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Erin Menk on her favorite beauty treatments

Erin Menk is one woman to admire. A mom of two, she manages to balance work with a healthy

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Finding an easy escape from the urban madness right in the city

There are times when even your house feels a little too busy. I guess it’s part of the hassle

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Beauty picks that make the best work companions

Everyone’s getting busier; the holiday rush is here. The moment I got off the plane from my

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VIDEO: Conversations with…Heart Evangelista

What I love about working in fashion and beauty is how you get to watch people grow. I remember

Beauty July 31, 2018 SHARE

What to Use When You’re Done with Matte Lips

I think we are  slowly moving away from the matte lip trend. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate

Beauty July 20, 2018 SHARE

How to Have Healthy Nails

I noticed lately that shortly after I get my gel manicure removed, my nails crack a little. That’s