5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Tarot

Culture / April 16, 2020

By Kasey Casal- Contributor

In 2015, on my travels around the world, I went through a spiritual awakening and a deep healing period. This is when I found the tarot. What many people do not know is, the tarot is one of the oldest spiritual healing tools used in various cultures and religions across countries. 

Since using the tarot in my own spiritual healing practice, it has enabled me to grow mentally, physically and spiritually, nurturing my intuition and sixth sense. It’s helped me navigating through the toughest decisions and times.

Now in 2020, it has been a great pleasure to extend this gift to others as a way of elevating those around me, to make the right decisions and see their past, present, and future in order to show them what they could not see, and help them with making the right choices and breaking away from bad habits which keep them in bad cycles. 

Here are 5 things you may not have known about the Tarot, and its benefits:

#1 Tarot for Soul Growth and Spiritual Healing

The tarot has been used in ancient times to connect with the subconscious and the spiritual world. It is a tool that is used to see the unseen and bring the potential of a person’s soul into life. When you are read by a psychic tarot reader, they are able to see your true potential that has been buried in your subconscious and is able to bring forth your deepest desires, dreams, and hopes into life. When used properly, the tarot can be an excellent tool and guidance method for soul growth and spiritual healing, to connect with your inner divinity and with God and the universal pool of energy. 

#2 Tarot for Self Actualisation and Finding Your Purpose

True psychic tarot readers are able to serve as a medium between you and God, and your higher self to bring to light what you are meant to be doing in this lifetime. The ultimate purpose of having your cards read is to identify what your purpose is in this life and what you are meant to be doing, in order to reach true self-actualization – which means to reach your highest potential. 

#3 Tarot for Life Path Guidance

When used together with reading a person’s astrology birth chart, the tarot can give you a detailed approach into what you are meant to be doing, your ideal partnerships in business and love, and what your natural gifts are. Everyone is born with innate gifts however, we have not been shown the way. Tarot can provide you insight about yourself in order for you to maximize your personal development, skills and natural talents. It can also help in attracting the right partner who is compatible with you.

#4 Tarot for Reiki Energy Healing

When carried out properly, tarot sessions can be a form of self-healing known as Reiki. In ancient civilizations, reiki or energy healing was a form of practice in order to cleanse our energy field to attract abundance and manifest what we desire without any form of blockage. This can be beneficial for people who are going through a toxic relationship, living in a bad situation or environment or workplace. It will help you identify and remove the blockages around you that are holding you back from living your best life!

#5 Tarot uses Universal Laws for Energy Reading

The tarot serves as a medium between the spirit world that is the universal pool of energy, and the physical world. It is not good or bad, it serves as a connection between you and your spiritual self. When used correctly, and with the right intentions, the tarot can assist you in using the universal laws of attraction and help you create the life of your dreams when you follow the promptings and guidance. 

For more information on the tarot and its uses, to learn the tarot or to have a confidential one-on-one session with the writer of this article and psychic medium / tarot reader, email bookings@kaseyphoenix.com to find your true light and purpose!