5 tricks to look fresh post-trip

Beauty / December 13, 2019

Traveling is fun. It enriches your cultural appreciation. It gives you a break from the usual so you can be inspired again.

It’s also very tiring.

When you come back, there are a few days that you feel a little off. Jetlag can drain you and there is such a thing as vacation fatigue. At least, that’s what I call it.

We sadly can’t use it as an excuse for work. Most of the time, we only can afford a day after the flight to recover. Sometimes, we don’t even get a full night’s rest. This is especially true this holiday season. One trip is only a precursor for the next, or at least, the prelude to a slew of parties.

This is why I’m listing down a few products that can help you cover up the tiredness you feel post-trip. Use them all or find the combination you need to be able to look and feel refreshed.

First, get a good pair of shades. The time after a trip is a good reason to bust out oversized statement glasses. Make it the focal point of your look so you don’t have to feel self-conscious. It’s also good to use so you can about your errands while protecting the thin skin around your eyes.

If you’re looking for a good pair, look at the Linda Farrow selection at Distinqt in Shangri-la The Fort. Pick up two pairs even!

My second trip involves a visit to Belo Medical Group. I would advise a good treatment that your dermatologist approved. But top it up with a Supervitamin Drip. It’s an infusion of vitamins and minerals that helps you recover. It addresses fatigue, helps with heart and nerve function plus helps your immune system This just takes around 15 minutes and you’ll feel refreshed almost immediately.

The third is to sport an ensemble with happy prints or bright colors. We’ve heard how shades and prints can help stimulate your senses. I do believe in this. If you dress how you want to feel, you manage to trick your brain to forget a little bit of the tiredness. My current closet favorite which is so easy to throw on for an elevated every day look or even a party is from the Johanna Ortiz x H&M Collection.

What’s a pretty dress without a matching lipstick? Boost your feelings further with red lipstick. For a comfortable, long-wearing shade, try Dominant from the Chanel Rouge Coco Flash line. The pigments are combined with moisturizing oils so you don’t have to worry about chapping lips.

My fifth recommendation is to get an energizing scent. Engage the senses with something that can perk you up almost the same way a whiff of a freshly-brewed cup of coffee can. They say citrus-based sense have the same effect. Pick up a bottle of Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin.

It has a top note of mandarin finished off with basil and amber wood. It’s said to transport you to Brazil. And you know, getting excited about your next trip is always a good way to get over that slump!