8 fashion and beauty calming rituals that won’t require anything new

Beauty / April 13, 2020

 There are many lists out there outlining how you can make the most of the time in quarantine. If you are safe at home but not into the pressure of doing something productive, don’t worry. We all cope in different ways. 

Disengaging from social media from time to time is best for a breather. Also, you can take this time to center yourself. On this note, you can now spoil yourself a little bit with fashion and beauty rituals that are calming. 

I’ve always been the type to enjoy a long bath or shower. Now is the time to do the ultimate shower or bath experience. It’s not just about cleansing. Reach for your skin scrubs and body polishes. Put on some of your favorite music. Spend an hour or a little bit more. Top it off with a body lotion or moisturizer. 

Part of my daily routine is reading over my favorite books. I’m into interior design or home decor so those are the books I’m reaching for at the moment. I want to show my home some love as this period has made me realize how the space we live in deserves attention. If you have a favorite novel you want to read, that’s a kind of comfort you can’t get anywhere. 

Fashion is always a way to celebrate beautiful things but also marvel at the creative genius of different designers. I would highly-suggest a dedicated binge-watching session on various fashion documentaries. 

Last time, I suggested you can declutter one drawer to boost your mood. Now, you are free to take on a big review of your makeup collection. You’ll find products that you’ve wanted to use, chuck the expired products, and you are also free to swatch the products and see if they really work on you without the rush. 

If you’re still into it, go ahead and recreate a makeup tutorial. I know a lot fo you out there love to watch vloggers but just don’t have time and the occasion to practice. Master that smoky eye look and go ahead with a full face. This way, you can see which items truly make you look and feel good. Plus there is no time pressure so you can really go through the steps. 

On my website, I collected some simple stretches you can do every day to help boost yourself. Take it a step further with some yoga. Fire app that fitness app and membership on your phone or simply refer to the yoga classes which different studios are offering on different online platforms. No need to do it every day. Simply try it out and see how you like it. 

If you’re into decluttering, go beyond that with creating outfits. You can either compose them and store them together so they’re good to go once we can go out. Or take pictures of the outfits so you have a library to refer to. It’s a way re-affirm that better days are coming soon.