8 simple stretches to do for relaxation and flexibility

Beauty / April 07, 2020

Regardless if you regularly exercise, I know most of us could benefit from doing a simple stretching routine every morning. It’s something to integrate into your work-from-home schedule.

You can also do a few of these poses as a break from sitting down in front of your computer. Since you have some more space than usual, no judging eyes, and are probably dressed in comfy clothes, you are free to do this. Something different and healthy to rotate with your coffee breaks.

Do these poses with caution. Listen to your body and don’t overdo it. These poses should feel good all the while you’re doing them. Take some deep breathes. It’s a basic to center and to slow down. Maybe you can also use this before launching into a heated email or to blow off a bit of that cabin fever.

#1 Neck Stretch

Sit up straight and concentrate on one side for at least 10 seconds. You can start by bending your left ear down to your shoulder. Then go to the right side. For a deeper feeling, use your corresponding hand to press your head down a little lower.

#2 Shoulder Strech

Bring your arm to the opposite side, and press down on it with your other arm, wrist to wrist. Do it for up to 30 seconds. You should feel the stretch mainly on your upper arm. You can flex and release your fingers as you do it. Best done while standing up!

#3 Body Stretch

I’m sure you’re familiar with this one as it’s almost a natural reflex to ease muscle tension. Have a good stance for this one: stand tall with your abs engaged, and head lifted. Clasp your hands together and start with a front stretch. Transition by lifting your arms upward. Make sure you keep your arms away from your ears. You can bend and relax your elbows. Make sure it feels comfortable.

#4 Quad Stretch

It feels good to get the blood running down your legs. This will help with balance too. If you’re not used to it, don’t hesitate to use one hand on the wall. Fold your leg backward and use the hand on the same side to reach for your foot. Pull to your comfort and to your preference.

#5 Tricep Stretch

To complement your shoulder stretch, do this one. Cup your elbow with your opposite arm. Reach for your back, with the goal of resting your palm on the center of your back. Again, always just go as far as you can. Never force it.

#6 Hamstring Stretch

In this pose, you have to remember to keep your back straight and abs engaged. Breathe as you bend the right knee as if sitting back. You should support yourself with both hands on your thighs. Straighten the other leg. No need to lock the knees.

#7 Inner Thigh Stretch

Start with a good slow squat with feet hip-width apart. Bend the knees slowly, using your hands on your thighs as support. Go straight down as much as it feels good. Don’t forget to keep your shoulders relaxed and your back straight.

#8 Child’s Pose

If you have a mat or a clean spot on your home, this will help with your back and the rest of your body. Kneel on the floor and then bring your chest down. Stretch forward your arms as far as you can that’s not straining everything. You can do this up to a minute if you want. Close your eyes and relax in the stretch.