A new way to bring art home

Culture / November 25, 2019

I always go back to the classics. We all do, though we’re not conscious of it. That’s why they’re called classics.

Classic surpasses time and always brings something fresh after trends capture our momentary attention.

And that’s why I was happy to learn about “Offerings,” Rustan’s’ Home collection honoring the work of artist Anita Magsaysay-Ho.

The pieces add a classic touch to your home. They make great objects for the holidays and as event gifts.

I recommend the three plates bearing art by Magsaysay-Ho when she lived in Tokyo, reproduced in a limited edition by Bernardaud.

Other pieces in the collection include artwork applied onto beautifully crafted boxes and drawings embroidered on cushion covers and napkins.

Add to your shopping list the  Giclée reproductions of selected artwork on paper and the collection of Christmas and stationery cards, with images celebrating the Christmas season.

“Offerings” follows Anita’s belief that art should be available for everyone. It’s also part of “Rustan’s for the Arts,” which promotes the idea of making the works of Filipino artists a part of daily life.

Rustan’s has produced the Philippines’ “best of the best” collaborations. The first was with National Artist BenCab whose works were imprinted on home objects.

There were also collaborations with Al Perez and Paulina Luz Sotto, and one in honor of National Artist Fernando Amorsolo.

Part of the proceeds from the “Offerings” collection will be donated to the Anita-Magsaysay-Ho Foundation, which provides scholarships to deserving students and supports organizations promoting art and culture.