Aspirations to guide your 2022 resolutions

Culture / January 03, 2022

A new year is a great opportunity to set goals. I do believe that we have to change our mindset when it comes to resolutions. Otherwise, you end up doing well for the first few weeks until you hit a slump that leads to a downward spiral. 

When it comes to creating better habits, always comes from a place of love. Forgive yourself often and celebrate your victories, no matter how small they are. 

In 2022, I do believe we must all aspire towards a positive mindset. But, of course, not the superficial kind. A positive mind balances what’s happening in front of you and involves working on the things you can control. It is connected to having healthy expectations.

Creating reasonable expectations veers away from the need for perfection. Once you put yourself to a particular standard of perfection, it leads only to misery. This is true not just in a broader sense but also when it comes to beauty. 

Embrace your looks and understand that aging isn’t something to fear or to erase. The changes that age brings gives witness to the life you’ve lived and to the experiences you’ve collected. For example, I know that being in the sun causes more wrinkles and sunspots. But being in sun also means beach trips, walks in the morning, and even just the daily errands that make for a full life. Instead of fearing the damage the sun gives, I just put on my sunblock and go on and enjoy as much as I can. 

As I age, I also realize the value of more realistic role models. It’s not about Photoshop. It’s about the uniqueness we all have that makes us who we are. If anything, we’ve learned not to aspire to look like someone on our feed. One must learn to love the best version of ourselves and to subscribe to our own standard of beauty. After all, can you imagine how boring it would be if we all looked alike? 

In that vein, don’t compromise the most important factors of skincare. Cleaning and sun protection is non-negotiable and is always the foundation of any routine. 

A lot of resolutions will always include exercise. This is important, but always at a pace that is sustainable. Ten minutes every day is better than one big day every so often. In between, be conscientious of your food. This doesn’t have to be drastic as well. What’s more important is that it is a daily factor. It’s what you do every day that counts. Not what you do once in a while

Most importantly,  make rest a priority. Ironically, one should put an effort to set aside time to really get good sleep. On top of that, unwinding and detaching from your screens helps with your wellness physically and mentally. It is also tied up to how saying “no” to certain plans or activities is just simply learning to put yourself first before you can give your best to others. 

Happy 2022!