Chris Pratt on traveling, card tricks, and his new Tumi campaign

Culture / June 01, 2019

Chris Pratt is the new face of luggage brand Tumi. See him packing for a trip with the latest Alpha 3 and Alpha Bravo collections. Pretty cool, right?

To celebrate this campaign, Tumi shared with us a few interesting facts about this in-demand Hollywood star.

Tell us something we don’t know about you?

I’m really good at card tricks. When I shot The Magnificent Seven – my character was supposed to be a bit of a card shark, so they put me through training of how to do different card tricks for my role in the film.

How do you stay in shape? Please share your exercise regime.

I try to mix up the different types of workouts so that my body does not get complacent. I do a mix of Pilates, lifting weights, swimming, biking, mixed martial arts fight training, yoga to really have a well- rounded regime.

Your favorite movie/ character that you’ve ever played?

Peter Quill/ Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy changed my life. I’ll always be so indebted our director, James Gunn, and the team at Marvel for taking a chance and hiring me.

Can you share about any upcoming TV / movie projects? Where will they lead you to travel to?

I’m going to go shoot a cool new sci-fi movie called Ghost Draft later this year. I’m not sure where exactly we will be filming but I’m excited for you all to see it when it’s finished!

What are 5 things you can’t travel without?

My Rubik’s Cube, my Laptop, a note, drawing or toy from my son, exercise resistance bands to workout, my necklace, and my TUMI Alpha 3 Brief Pack.

What’s your favorite inflight drink?

Tequila on the rocks with lime.

What’s your preferred entertainment on a long flight, or would you rather just sleep?

Usually both. I’ll try to use the time on a long flight to catch up on reading scripts or watching movies. I’ll also sleep too especially if it’s an overnight flight so that I can try to land and have an easier time adjusting to the different time zone.

We expect you travel a lot – what’s the best and worst thing about travelling?

Best thing about traveling is getting to see so many amazing places around the world. I would not say there is a ‘worst’ thing about traveling since it truly is such a privilege to have the opportunity to do so – but I definitely get a bit annoyed if my flight is delayed and I’m stuck at the airport for hours.

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