Consider making a workout skincare routine

Beauty / May 27, 2019

by Olivia Estrada- Contributor

Here are a few of my gym essentials. They don’t just include a bottle of water, a towel, and reliable sneakers, but also a few skincare choices.

I notice that the cold air-conditioning in the gym always leaves my lips chapped. The Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in Red Berry Glam. It’s made of 100-percent plant oils that soothe and plump the lips. I find that I like the thick formula as it doesn’t easily dry out—helpful when you’re in the grittiest part of your cardio.

I also use Generation Happy Skin Active Love Your Lips Intense Color Butter Balm, particularly Powerful, since it’s a neutral, MLBB morena-friendly shade. The formula works two ways: It leaves a cooling sensation via the natural mint; and a softening effect with vitamin E and argan oil.

Sometimes, I test waterproof makeup at the gym. But it’s not the best to do your dead lifts with a full face of makeup. Sweat, oil, mixing with makeup makes for acne and other unwanted spots. Best to remove all your makeup before going to the gym. I admit that I don’t always do so, especially since a busy day leaves me only enough time to change into my workout gear.

I reach for the Garnier Oil-Infused Cleansing Water. It removes a lot of makeup in one swipe. It breaks down waterproof mascara and eyeliner without tugging.

I then reach for the gentle and fuss-free Always Sunday Milk Froth Brightening Face Wash. It leaves skin clear without making it feel stretched and dry.

When it’s an extra tough day at the gym, I take a shower after cooling down. My favorite is the Human Nature Cooling Body Cleanser. What I love is how it leaves a minty sensation all over your body even after you’ve toweled dry. This helps soothe your muscles, especially if you’ve gone through an intense set. I also learned that it’s a coconut-based soap and it balances out the pH of your skin, which is helpful when you’ve been sweating.

May your gym sessions be better with the aid of these skincare essentials. These and the butterfly crunches might help you become your best self in no time.

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