Considering getting a nose job?

Beauty / January 15, 2021

Time was when taking a few days from going out was something we couldn’t factor into our busy schedules, let alone the days needed for consulting with a doctor and scheduling a procedure.

In making the most of what we have at the moment, I’ve heard there’s a spike in rhinoplasty. Wearing a mask out in public, staying indoors and turning off your video for a call isn’t so weird. And it’s exactly what you need to do postsurgery.

When it comes to rhinoplasty, I’ve noticed that the first rule is to always be honest and open with your surgeon. Tell them what you expect and if there’s a look you want to achieve.

List down all your questions for your doctor, no matter how simple and specific. Doctors at reputable and trustworthy clinics should be able to answer clearly and be accommodating. This is also a good way for you to gauge if you are with someone that you’re comfortable with.

In turn, be open to your doctor’s advice and opinion. Remember that you can’t look at a certain person’s nose and have that copy-pasted onto your face. Every face is different, and no two noses are exactly the same.

Think about how your nose looks with the rest of your face. Every part of your face complements the other, so certain features can stand out. Be open and observe this. A nose that might look good on your friend won’t exactly match the best parts of your own face.

On the day of your surgery, you don’t need to be stressed. You won’t be in pain. The procedure requires anaesthesia so you’ll be asleep the whole time. On average, it will take three to four hours, and it’s considered an outpatient procedure. So it’s best to have someone with you that can take you home safely.

It doesn’t take too long to recover from the procedure. But don’t go thinking it will be a miracle. The results start showing in six weeks and continue up until six months, all dependent on your personal factors. Your body needs to adjust to the changes. Trust it as it goes through the healing process.

Do prepare yourself for swelling for the first four days or so. In this time frame, listen and follow your doctor’s advice and avoid any activities where you have to exert physical effort. Don’t also get overwhelmed with your sutures. Most of the time, your doctor will ask you to come back in five days or so to take them out.

Other than that, you’re set to reveal that nose you’ve always wanted. And I have a feeling it won’t be long until we can safely take our masks off.