Conversations with…Maggie Wilson-Consunji

Culture / November 12, 2018

I’m a fan of people who continue to grow and are committed to a life of self-discovery. They tend to be the people who always come up with something new, who are never boring, and also help to inspire us to do well for ourselves. I can definitely say Maggie Wilson-Consunji is one of those people who never fails to explore new worlds with her curiosity.

In the past few years, she’s transitioned successfully from beauty queen and model to host and blogger. This year, she proved that she’s got more things up her sleeve. Casa Consunji is Wilson’s way sharing her unique and tasteful insight in interior design.

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Tucked away like a good secret in Taguig, Casa Consunji is where you can find beautiful pieces for your home. I visited the store recently and found how Wilson, like in most of her endeavours, is very hands-on with this. She tells me of her many adventures of bargaining will sellers to get the best prices for her customers. How she’s in contact with her friends that are abroad, asking if they can help her get a particular item. She knows where each piece is sourced simply because she personally liked them while away on travels. You can tell she put her heart into this, which is something that makes the picks in the store personal. It’s a nice thought when you’re looking for something to add to your home or to give to a loved on.

A few picks that caught my eye are the reindeer hide rugs from Norway, marble jewlery boxes from India, and the gingko lamps that go well if you’re into a tropical aesthetic. Walking around made me feel cozy, there was a welcoming feel to it as if someone really lives in there. Right now, their current collection concentrates on neutrals, perfect if you’re not sure how to experiment with color. Wilson shares, “I wanted the colors to be very understandable. If I pick a color that’s too rich or vibrant, not a lot of people will understand of like it.”  Yet every piece is truly Instagrammable apart from being functional such as  the large candles, leather seats, and even the handmade Christmas ornaments.

Wilson also has an eye for details and the finer points in life. She points out how brass utensils make for a big difference, it’s a small investment when you think about how often we need spoons and forks in your lives. It’s also a useful gift that in itself has value, so why not go for a more premium pick when you can?

Plus  I see Wilson as someone who loves to build relationships. Eventually, she change up her selection not just for the sake of variety. It’s also so people can learn on their own what to do with more statement pieces. “I want to educate people on colors and prints but I want to do it very slowly,” Wilson shares. It’s exciting to know what she’s got next and what are the others stories she has to share through the pieces she makes available to the store.

Added to this, you may enjoy a few dishes at Casa Consuji. Just like a friend’s home, you’ll get a fill of Wilson’s favorites as well. Tip: Ask about their special granola and their authentic Greek yoghurt.

In time for the Christmas season, Casa Consunji is a good spot when in need of gifts but also when you need to spruce up your home. I’m sure you’ll find something that will inject fun and personality into your current space.

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