Do I Really Need a Silk Pillow?

Beauty / May 21, 2019

There are some beauty tips that I can easily get on board. Snail essence? I’ve tried a few products. Charcoal face wash? I’ve got a few bottles. But for some reason, the recommendation to use silk pillows when sleeping is something I hesitate to do.

I find it’s a little gimmicky. However, Marie Claire says that it’s an absolute must-have for better sleep. It makes the skin less puffy when you wake up in the morning. Plus there’s less tugging on your skin.

For your hair, a silk pillowcase prevents frizzy hair. Silk als has cooling properties.

Still, there are other some people on the other end of the silk hair debate. They don’t really experience the same life changing benefits they claim to possess. It’s just more for the experience. There is truly a luxury to sleeping with silk pillowcases and sheets.

Sometimes, it’s not about the materials per se. It’s about how your bed feels like a sanctuary, a space that makes you feel spoiled. All of this equals good sleep, which brings about the known benefits of clear skin and healthy hair.

It’s because of this I’ve thought about buying a yard of silk and just having it made into the pillowcases and sheets. I’m sure it will be a little bit more cost efficient. But finding the right kind of silk can be a challenge. And a big bolt of it bought in one go come with a price tag.

Anyway, in my debate whether to go silk when it comes to my bed and beauty rituals, I can’t deny I’ve looked through a couple of premium products available out there.

SLIP Silk Pillowcase and eye mask. Available via Net-a-Porter.

Minorca Silk Pillow with Down-Alternative Insert 18″. Available at Crate & Barrel

Silk Sheet Set. Available at Oosilk.

Silke London Hair Wrap. Available via Sephora PH.
Deluxe 22 MM Pure Silk Pillowcase in Pink. Available via Mulberry Park Silks,

Silk, Silk Pillow