Early Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Beauty / May 17, 2021

Fathers can be challenging to give gifts to. It’s either because they love expensive gadgets or they’re the most down-to-earth creatures, they don’t care anything more than the practical stuff. Or a combination of both!

In either case, the secret to a good Father’s Day gift is that it shows you pay attention to the little things they do to make you smile. And that you also want them to try out new stuff that they might not think of trying for themselves.

Thrive Natural Care VIP Kit

For the dad that instilled a love and respect for our planet from the start. Thrive Natural Care is effective, plant-based skincare that empowers and regenerates both Dad’s skin and the planet naturally, without depleting or degrading communities or ecosystems. Thrive’s farms in Costa Rica use proprietary native plants to improve soil and biodiversity on degraded lands, while boosting farmer incomes and providing a high-quality supply of plant oils for their products. The VIP Kit is a complete set of premium shave and skincare products ready to have both your dad and planet feeling their best every day. Featuring the cleansing and restorative Face Wash, revitalizing Energy Scrub, moisturizing Face Balm, and calming Shaving Oil.

intelliWHiTE Pro WHiTE Professional Toothpaste & Power Boost Daily Whitening Gel

For the dad that laughs at his own dad jokes (we secretly love them, too). The award-winning teeth whitening brand was developed by renowned dentist Dr. Jennifer Jablow, the celebrity dentist behind Ashley Graham’s gorgeous smile, who saw first-hand how whitening teeth transformed more than a smile. All products are formulated with professional-strength ingredients and patented components able to whiten teeth safely and conveniently at home and with no sensitivity. The Pro WHiTE and Power Boost dynamic duo will help remove surface stains, brighten teeth and maintain Dad’s white smile. PRO WHiTE’s patented stain removal complex removes stains without harsh abrasives, while Power Boost’s high-performing hydrogen peroxide formula boosts whitening and removes stains on the surface and in between teeth, all while Xylitol keeps plaque from adhering to your teeth. Dad will be acting brand new with his award-winning smile!

Take My Face Off Mitty Ex

For the dad that is hesitant to jump into a skincare routine, but still struggles with ingrowns and/or dry, patchy skin. TMFO’s Mitty Ex is the first of its kind. This dual-sided reusable bespoke mitt washcloth both cleanses and exfoliates the skin without irritation or redness. Ideal for Dad’s pre-shaving exfoliation, the fine linen handles rough patches and ingrown hairs more precisely than gritty creams or brush bristles, and it doesn’t catch on thick, rough beard hairs. The Mitty Ex saves money, reduces waste, and does more for less. Dad deserves an upgrade!