EXCLUSIVE: The Complete List of Skin Treatments that Made Catriona Gray Ready for Miss Universe

Beauty / December 21, 2018

Without question, Catriona Gray was beautiful even before she became an Aivee Leaguer.  So when The Aivee Clinic took her under their care, the objective was to refine what she has. They told me that she didn’t have any problem areas at all. What the clinic did was we prescribe treatments that helped her become the best version of herself.

Her treatment plan was also crafted to support the hectic schedule that she had leading up to the pageant. A busy schedule like hers can result to lack of sleep that can lead to dull and tired skin. Gray’s facial treatments were meant to brighten, refine, and revive her skin. The other treatments were meant to tighten, lift, and contour her face. As for her body, the goal was to complement her healthy diet, by recommending body treatments for tightening and cellulite reduction.

Gray was also very consistent in keeping her appointments. On the months leading up to the pageant, she came in once or twice a month for her treatments. She came in for the Regular Facials like Light Clearing Facial TXTM which is great for clarifying the skin and keeping it free from breakouts. Gray preferred The Aivee Hollywood Facial. I’m a fan of this too as it is  a great way to revive and refresh tired skin. It also features a magnetic clay mask that adds moisture to the skin and creates a soft, smooth, nourished red carpet-ready glow which would be perfect for the pageant.

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To brighten, refresh, and revive her skin, Gray  did a combination of  three treatments to keep her skin flawless and fabulous for Miss Universe. First is the Red Carpet TXTM,  a luxurious facial treatment that incorporates Shining Bright laser. This is good for anti-aging and overall facial skin rejuvenation and glowing skin. Second is the Porcelain TXTM, an innovative laser treatment intended for skin brightening and rejuvenation. It doesn’t require any downtime and it gives you that instant glow. Third is the Gentle Laser PoreTM is a gentle laser that refreshes your skin from the inside out. This laser replaces damaged skin with healthy, younger-looking tissue. This is great for minimizing pores and improving skin texture.

Right before Gray left for Bangkok, she got Aivee Thermage, the clinic’s best treatments for skin tightening. The treatment was perfect for the busy queen as it has no downtime, has immediate lifting and tightening, and is a very comfortable treatment.

To maintain her great figure, Gray also got treatments that went well with her regular workout routine. Aivee Unison (also one of our newest body treatments to be launched this year) which eliminates all main causes of cellulite appearance simultaneously. Aivee Unison diminishes fat chambers, stimulates collagen production, and restores skin elasticity. She alternated this with Vixen Body Tightening TM which reduces circumference, increases skin tightening, and reduces of stretch marks. These treatments were done to keep her even more confident during the swimsuit and long gown segments of the competition.

Beyond the physical aspect,  wellness was also key to make sure Gray was at her best. So The Aivee Clinic prescribed vitamin drips. The Platinum Drip is a concoction of anti-wrinkle and anti-oxidant solutions for skin whitening and brightening, and at the same time has vitamins for boosting energy which is great for her and her busy schedule.


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