Exploring Sydney’s Day for Night 2018

Culture / November 19, 2018

by Alexis Orosa- Contributor

Where: Carriageworks, Eveleigh, Sydney

When: Sat 27 Oct, 12pm-Late

Day for Night is THE dance party, live art exhibit, theatre, spoken word, durational cooking(!), cocktail-serving reverie that you always wanted and never thought possible. Spanning 12 Hours on the dance floor of Sydney’s industrial Carriageworks turned-performance space, Day for Night celebrates all aspects of queer art, performance and music in the most inclusive, chaotic and eclectic way yet. If you’re not in it for the incredibly curated art, then you’re here for the party – and it works either way.

We arrived at night to red lights, chains and Stereogamous playing onstage next to an iPad with subversive messages, dancing to Okenkyo’s Woman’s World until Anna McMahon wheeled herself centre stage and we sat like school children as she read peoples’ deepest sexual fantasies – which were written in exchange for a sex toy. Between drinks we sing to Vonne Patiag’s call and response karaoke, featuring queer anthems like Single Ladies remixed with black humour, then get entranced by Bree Van Reyk’s all-girl, rock-classical performance that howls like the moonlight. Afterwards, we witness Betty Grumble & Hip Hop Hoe’s powerful tribute to queer hip hop artist Candy Royalle who passed away this year. And in between all of it, Stereogamous plays, the dance floor is bathed in purple and everyone is dressed in glitter, leather, flesh and feathers.

By the end of it, we’ve made out with some cute people, danced to some ace tracks and seen one of the best art live art shows possible, fresh and ready for next year’s.

Catch next year’s festival in October 2019.


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