Fashion’s biggest trend comes in micro bags

Fashion / November 27, 2019

I blame the Jacquemus Chiquito. It made tiny bags a huge hit following the PVC totes, the beaded clutches, and the wicker purses.

After the SS18 appearance, Chiquito found itself in different iterations the next season. It also became the accessory of choice by Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, and Beyoncé. The mystery of what exactly you can put in these bags didn’t stop it from catching on.

Mark Cross, Building Block, and Giambattista Valli put out their own versions. Heritage labels like Chanel and Balenciaga also created mini-me interpretations of their classic silhouettes.

Is it a necklace? Is it a case for your Airpods? Who cares? They are cute slung over a cocktail dress and even some casual wear.

I also think they became a symbol of how fashion shouldn’t be too serious. It should be fun. Case in point: Lizzo showing up to the American Music Awards with the tiniest Valentino Sling Bag.

It’s a keychain if you want to be honest about it. It’s also not an official Valentino bag, it’s a gag gift by @obviousplant.

And now the keychain/bag/parody item is giving birth to memes.

I like it. Simply because small bags are always cute to have. You can use them to style up anything. There’s a conversation piece. When I did my decluttering early this year, I found a few mini-bags from yesteryears.

Goes to show you that when a trend is that good, it’s just bound to make its way back to you in a big way.

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