Five timeless beauty lessons from Martha Stewart

Beauty / March 23, 2021

Sometimes, I stop and wonder what Martha Stewart is up to. I am not ashamed to admit it because we all do it. Allure took it a step further and featured the personality for an in-depth catch-up.

Here are some highlights:

Martha doesn’t have time for ageism. “Why, after every woman’s name, is her age?” she asks. “It’s very sexist and very inappropriate. I don’t know how old you are. I don’t know how old I am. Age means nothing to me.”

She’s all about CBD. “I had been trying CBD masks, and I thought, Well, gee, this is really interesting. It really is making a difference in the elasticity. If you already have lines, it’s not going to take them away, but it certainly diminishes any kind of furrows in your face. And it certainly lubricates, and it certainly invigorates.”

She always washes it off. “I would never go to bed unless I have washed my face. Even if I’m with a lover, I do not go to bed with makeup on. I can’t. I feel horrible.”

She loves Mario Badescu. “I don’t let anybody else clean my face or give me a facial [other] than the Romanian ladies at Mario Badescu.”

She wakes up 4 a.m. and starts her day with a thorough routine. “First, after I take my shower, I spray myself completely with CBD tonic — head to toe, the whole thing. And my back, because you can’t reach your back with cream, so I spray my whole back with all that beautiful tonic. I love tonic because it’s astringent, cleansing, as well as tightening.”

Martha then applies a vitamin C serum s all over her face and décolleté. She then applies She tops it off with a richer cream (she likes Clé de Peau Beauté’s or from 86 Elm, her own skincare brand. She applies her Clé de Peau Beauté foundation mixed with some serum.