Got Only Five Minutes? That’s All You Need for this Spa Treatment

Beauty / May 10, 2019

I can emphasize how busy moms are. I should know as I have three kids myself. I observe other moms and I also am amazed how they handle everything.

Collectively, there’s not a lot of time for us. But I find that this is true for everyone, mom or not. In various degrees an in line with the demands we meet in life, we barely have enough time to meet our next appointment.

It’s because of situations like these that I created a five-minute spa-at-home. I have a few products that help me take a small time-out and help me get ready for the next commitment.

Let’s say you have an hour to spare at home between appointments. That’s enough time to change your clothes, do this spa treatment, and apply make-up again. None will be the wiser to how busy your day is because you look fresh. For my spa-at-home treatment, the products I used are all from Beauty Bar. Just in case you want to get them for you and your mom!

Any skincare treatment should start with a clean face.start off by washing my face. Otherwise, you won’t get the benefits of the next products you will use.

I recently discovered the Fancy Handy Fresh Face Vulcan Cleanser before. It cleans my face with its volcanic particles that exfoliate your skin. It also helps minimize pores.

My next step is Patchology masks. Their Wink & A Kiss FlashPatch 5 Minute Hydrogels help revive your under-eye area. You get rid of the puffiness, fatigue, and dryness via caffeine and hydrolyzed collagen. On the other hand, the lip mask gets rid of chapped lips.

I use the 23.5°N Pineapple Exfoliating Gel Mask on the rest of my face. This can be used for five to 20 minutes. I like how it has pineapple enzyme frozen crystal for exfoliation.

My last step is The Inkey List Zinc Face Moisturizer. I believe you will like The Inkey List as it offers simple solutions with effective ingredients. I chose the Zinc Face Moisturizer as it also doubles as a good makeup primer. Now, you’re ready for makeup and to resume your day!

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