Here’s how to prepare for life post-quarantine

Beauty / May 01, 2020

I’m looking forward that we can soon say goodbye to total self-quarantine in this time of the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19). If you’re still looking for ways to cope with the situation, I suggest a few steps.

First, it’s definitely time to come up with a few outfits. If you’ve been decluttering, now is the time to kick it into high gear. Set aside outfits for work and a few for others for errands.

Next, don’t forget your shoes. Get them in order by cleaning them. You can also take your time and shine some of the pairs that need extra love. It’s said that your feet can be quite neglected even though they work hard for you. Make sure that the shoes they are in give you maximum comfort and style.

I have been enjoying browsing through old hits and new music via Spotify. It’s fun to create a playlist for different occasions. It helps put you in a good mood and gives a sense of optimism that the days are getting better.

Music accompanies me throughout the day. Speaking of which, it’s probably time to change your routine. If your sleep schedule has been off due to the situation, try to slowly go back to sleeping early. Have a routine to signal your brain for sleep: Turn off your screens at least an hour before you need to sleep. Find comfort in essential oils or a sleep-time music playlist. Boost your mornings

I used to work out at night, but I find it doesn’t help me feel sleepy for bedtime. So recently, I started working out in the morning. This way, I can start my day energized and I can continue with my good habits as I prepare to go back to a regular schedule. I know it won’t happen soon, but I hope we can travel again. Prioritize the Philippines. Make a list of places in the country that you would like to visit. That family trip you’ve been putting off? Plan it for real this time. Just be responsible and constantly check the news on when it’s safe to travel again.

If these past few weeks have been about creating your own home spa for self-pampering, angle now your beauty routine to prepare yourself to be seen outside a video call. That means you need to stick to that regimen that’s been working for you. Add some of the products that you rely on for a big day. It’s a new life post-quarantine, and I learned to treat every day as a special one.

Finally, list down what you need to do or where you need to go. The time after the quarantine still calls for responsible action outside the house. Don’t waste it on an errand that’s not urgent. Write down where you want to go, and then organize them in terms of importance.