How to Pull Off a Bright Monochromatic Outfit

Fashion / March 06, 2018
Color can be intimidating, especially when it comes to fashion. Most of us, unknowingly settle in the comfort of white and black or the simplicity of neutrals. We only venture out for a pop of color with out accessories or even just in our beachwear.
But I believe color can be casual and comfortable too. Bright monochrome dressing can be a fun and easy way to style shades you never thought you can pull off. All you need to do is have a simple guide, to evaluate what you have, and to be confident in the colors that speak to you.
Recently, I favored this pink ensemble. It immediately gives of a easygoing vibe. I felt like I was ready to go all over town and spread some cheer. The outfit also helps you stand out from the usual wear without too much effort and without going over the top.
The first thing to do when it comes to bright monochromatic dressing is to pick a color you are comfortable with. Pick your favorite and you’ll immediately won’t be to unsettled with what you’re going to do. It also helps if your chosen color is something that suits your skintone. This way, the color will enhance your natural features.
After picking a color, don’t sweat it if the pieces you have such as the top and the pants are in a different shade. That’s the fun of it! It adds dimension to the look. You also get plus points if your pieces have different textures.
Other than that, you should just commit to the look and have fun with it. Since you are focused on one color, the rest of the elements in your outfit don’t have to match completely. I paired off my pink elephant Loewe bag with leopard print sneakers. I also put on my Pink Flyod band tee which also had some pink in it. You may opt to have one more statement piece, like a dangling earring. But be sure that it doesn’t take away from the rest of your outfit.
As we enter summer, I have feeeling most of us will be into dressing in bright colors. Every day, you can have a new color to play with, depending on the pieces you have and the mood your in. Enjoy!

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