How to pull off a suit in the summer, and other guidelines for suits

Fashion / March 05, 2019

It’s not exactly easy to be a guy. Today on my website, I’m thinking about how men can get away with a lot of occasions with just a suit. Still, this doesn’t mean they are off the hook when it comes to looking for the right suit to match the weather, the event, and their body type.

Looking for the right suit first starts with a good relationship with a tailor. Men have it a bit more tricky than women as we can get away with an off-the-rack dress. But for a man to find a suit that fits him perfectly at the right length and feels almost like a glove when worn, it should be sewn just for him. When a suit is too tight, it looks awkward and comical. Too loose and it will feel a bit cheap.

To any man looking to have a timeless suit section in his wardrobe is to research for a tailor that won’t shortchange him when it comes to quality. If not, find a label which best matches what you need and use it as your reference or at least make it your first stop when buying a suit.

After this, you have to slowly build your suit collection. Not all suits are made equal, and little known to many, not all suits are created with the same purpose.

There is, first, the plain navy two-button suit. Call this your everyday suit as it is appropriate for meetings and other commitments. When made in a mid-weight fabric, the suit is good for different weather changes all throughout the year. I would choose to have it made in a textured fabric as well so I can mix and match the jacket and trousers with the rest of my clothes.

Paul Smith The Mayfair – Men’s Classic-Fit Navy Wool-Mohair Suit

Second, have a plain gray two-button suit. This is your alternate suit when the navy one is in the wash, or when you find yourself abroad during autumn. For your gray suit, you want to keep it classic and so avoid patterns when it comes to the choice of your fabric.

You can mix and match your suit’s trousers and jackets as seen on Massimo Dutti

Suit number three is your dark, double-breasted suit. Choose one with sharp lapels as this suit, though it can be used for the regular business meeting, is one of your fancier options. This suit is best for cocktail parties and with a darker hue, imbues a more formal tone.

Hackett’s Natural stretch wool evening suit

A fourth suit in your arsenal is the dinner suit. So maybe you don’t go to black tie events often or it’s not a common occurrence for you to attend a state affair. Still, a dinner suit is something to consider when making a suit wardrobe that will last you a lifetime. This is the tuxedo with which you wear a silk bow tie which will make a mark every time you wear it.

The fifth suit that’s best for any man is the summer suit. There is such a thing. When you live in a tropical country such as ours, it’s perhaps one of the most important suits. The summer suit is made with breathable fabrics such as linen, seersucker, or hopsack. Doing away with paddings and linings, a summer suit is laidback. It’s for cruises and dressier pool parties. You may opt to have your summer suit done in a pastel color, or at least one that is for a more casual look.

Slim-fit linen suit from Mango

With these five suits, you’re set for life. Colors are up to you to play with along with different accessories: ties, dress pins, cuff links.

You also need the right shoes to go with each suit, along with socks. Perhaps in a lifetime, each suit will come to you at the right occasion, so you’re not expected to have all at once. But I think you’ll surely build up to it as days go by.

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