How online courses helped Hailey Bieber create Rhode Beauty

Beauty / April 08, 2022

Teased late last year, Rhode Beauty, Hailey Bieber’s skincare line, is set for release this June. The story behind the new venture is revealed in an Allure interview.

Bieber reveals how her mother is the primary source of her beauty beliefs. “I just could always remember my mom, as a child, getting [me] out of the bath, drenching me head to toe, just hydration, hydration, hydration, very focused on keeping the skin healthy,” she said. Bieber’s mother is a makeup artist and passed on the skincare secrets from her own mother and grandmother to Mrs. Justin.

On top of putting hydration at the center of Rhode Beauty’s ethos, Bieber spent some time talking to industry experts. These include YouTube beauty influencer Hyram Yarbro, Dieux Skin cofounder, and aesthetician Charlotte Palermino, Kim Kardashian, and Jen Atkin who founded OUAI.

Bieber also got into the more business side of things, going for a small group of investors to fund Rhode Beauty. “I talked to different brand-incubation teams, and at the end of it, I realized that I’ve lent my name and my face to a lot of different people and a lot of different brands.”

What would perhaps surprise you, though, is how Bieber took it a step further by taking dermatology courses. In the two and a half years she spent making Rhode Beauty, Bieber started with online classes that cured her curiosity. She shared, “I think that [taking the courses] was just something I wanted to do for myself, honestly,” she says. “It wasn’t for me to be able to just sound smart or know what I’m talking about. I was just genuinely interested.”

According to reports, the items will be under 30 USD. Beauty sleuth @trendmood1 reports that the line includes a serum, mask, and moisturizer. With Bieber holding a glazed donut in the campaign photo, it looks like Rhode Beauty is set to give us that glow we’ve envied the model for.