It’s time to get serious about hand care

Beauty / December 24, 2021

Your hands are very valuable. How else will you be able to perform your daily tasks without them? They signify both strength and grace in the practical sense and also in literary imagery from fists to open palms. 

With the pandemic, our hands come in full focus as we constantly drench them in alcohol and wash them to keep the virus away. We need caution indeed but we also need the care. As it is the season of stocking stuffers, what a better time to look for good hand products?

Lanolips shouldn’t just be on your radar for their trending lip treatment. The brand also offers the Lano Golden Dry Skin Salve. It contains the Ultra Medical Grade lanolin, an odorless, colorless, and non-sticky ointment that mimics skin oils to restore moisture. Designed for exceptionally dry, rough and unhappy skin, Lanolips’ Golden Dry Skin Salve is a universal rescue balm that will get your skin out of a dry spot. A powerhouse hydrator, it transforms dryness with quadruple lanolin, vitamin E, and manuka honey-enriched formula.

This product is good if you’re looking for something that’s not just for your use as it is advisable to use it on your legs, knees, babies, as an overnight moisture mask or to soothe and stop shoe chafing as well. 

If you’re looking to prevent your hands from a dry fate, there is 79 Lux Intensely Restorative Protective Hand Cream. It is developed by Karen Cummings-Palmer who went on a “quest to find the best treatment for her own thirsty, grown-up skin that still showed signs of childhood eczema.” 

You get more than moisture with this hand cream that’s creative with hyaluronic acid. Rose geranium and frankincense are used to repair the skin on repairing on a cellular level and provide microbial protection. Meanwhile,  avocado and zinc are able to provide sun protection, sans any chemical SPFs. Chia seed and vitamin C work together to create bright and plump skin. All of this in a formula that is easily absorbed by the skin. 

If you’re into something that addresses hand aging, you can get the Dr. Barbara Sturm Super Anti-Aging Hand Cream. Made in Germany, as with all of Sturm’s much-raved-about products, the hand cream keeps it direct and effective. It is made with ceramide complex, purslane, Vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid. This protects your hands’ hydro-lipid barrier. Aloe Vera and Prickly Pear are added to keep inflammation at bay along with their antibacterial properties.

Part of hand care is keeping them safe from the sun. If you’re particular about this especially if you drive or do a lot of sun-based activities, there is the Supergoop Hand Screen. The product delivers SPF 40 specifically for your hands and is meant to be applied every two hours especially if you are exposed to the sun. You get the benefits of anti-oxidants, BHAs/Salicylic Acid, and vitamins in a formula that’s fragrance-free, gluten-free, paraben-free, and sulfate-free. 

Top this all off with a hand mask. Fenty Beauty has the Hydra’Reset Intensive Recovery Glycerin Hand Mask. It is meant for application at night and to restore your hands moisture while you sleep. You get forty percent glycerin, fruit oils, and plant extracts in the mixture so you wake up with revitalized and soft hands. 

Lanolips and 79 Lux are available via Cult Beauty. Dr. Barbara Sturm is available via Net-A-Porter. Supergoop and Fenty Beauty are available via