Jewelry that Brings the World to You

Fashion / May 09, 2018

Jewelry is an integral part of my wardrobe. I’m never without a necklace or at least a pair of earrings even at home. Jewelry is more than accessory anyway, it’s also carries some significance to our lives. They carry memories with them: a special trip we can’t forget, a gem which carries tradition, or a person who is dear to us.

This is why I often find myself looking at new jewelery often. I’m just naturally attracted to sparkly things. LOL! In my curiosity I stumbled on Bochic, an international jewelry brand that featured one-of-a-kind designs. Vogue Italia took notice of them early on for their take on contemporary and retro. The label’s designs speak of varied influences are are geared to those who love to travel and the trinkets they find on the way.

I got to talk to the designer of Bochic David Joseph about his influences along with some  insight as a world traveler.

What are your favourite exotic cities? 

Shanghai is one of them. I think also Hong Kong and Singapore.

What do you like about these places?

[Shanghai] has that feel of the older Eastern and modern happening at the same time. Hong kong used to be like this but a long time ago, a clash of old heritage and modern but now it’s more modern.

Shanghai is also a very fashionable and artistic city. So it has that mix of all those things together, there is a lot of history and a lot culture. It draws  me all the time.

I like Singapore I like because I go there quite often. I travel so much [but for some reason] it’s the city that comes top of mind.

What places have inspired your designs the most?

India. I like going to Delhi and Jaipur. That was one of my first influences. After that, China and Morocco. Egypt is also a place I take inspiration from when I design jewellery. There are also some element from Spain.

The brand is about traveling. We follow this muse: the Bohemian chic woman. That’s why the brand is called Bochic. So the idea is to follow this woman rather than have a repetitive element. We go and look for one of a kind pieces. We think of where she will go, what will she wear, what will be her jewelry. We also think of how maybe she will find a beautiful stone and she’ll buy it and make jewelry out of it

What are essentials you bring when you travel?

My basic stuff. I also have tweezers since I look at gems a lot. I have a black tie just in case I have an event to attend.

What’s your environment like when you work? 

I do mood boards on my monitor. But I also still do mood boards from photos in magazines. So I tear them out and put it on the board so that will be on the side and then there will be a stack of magazine and books. My iPad, and then music.

Who’s your favorite musician? 

It’s hard to name one because I have an eclectic taste in music. I don’t like to keep listening to one artist [because it tends to] defines my designs and I don’t like that.

What’s so special about jewellery? Why did you choose to chanel your creativity through it?

It’s an easy way for someone to express themselves. It’s related to fashion but there is a special relationship with jewelry. It’s a keepsake, you keep it for a long time as opposed to fashion, you change it all the time. And I don’t want my jewelry to be fashionable, I want to be a keepsake, something you feel like there’s a connection to it. It could mean something to you because you go it from a trip and you keep it in your collection for your children.

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