Kim and Kim: How Karl Lagerfeld inspired Fendi x Skims

Fashion / October 28, 2021

Kim Kardashian West and Fendi womenswear creative director Kim Jones must be having a blast as social media floods with hype over their latest collaboration, Fendi x Skims.

The fabled fashion house and today’s It-undergarment brand are offering tops and dresses for $950, leggings going for $1,110, a puffer jacket for $2,950, and leather dresses in various shades of “Skims nude” for $4,200.

Those who follow Jones or West closely aren’t too surprised by the partnership. Jones has been a long-time friend of the reality TV star. Photos of the project leaked in early October, and rumors about the collection started when West visited Jones in Rome last summer.

What most people might not know is how the collection, which combines Skims love for understatement with Fendi’s iconography craze, is a nod to the late Karl Lagerfeld. The former Fendi lead pioneered much of the luxury house’s signature while leaving his influence in every other corner of fashion.

Fashionista writes, “The capsule was inspired by a Karl Lagerfeld collection from 1979, the brand said, ‘which placed a focal point on twisted tube tops, pop colors and tight sashes.’ It spans apparel, swim, shapewear, underwear and hosiery.”

And since Skims x Fendi takes after a larger-than-life figure, the campaign is a celebration of artistic expression with photos by Steven Meisel, Donna Trope, and Vanessa Beecroft.

Jones and West also feature on the cover of WSJ Magazine as part of the promotions for the collab.

Shop Fendi x Skims via, on Nov. 9 at 9:00 a.m. EST/6:00 a.m. PST.