MAC’s Latest Collab Reminds Us that Beauty Is For Everyone

Beauty / March 02, 2018
I’m amazed and inspired at how organic talents have emerged due to the power of vlogging. Just a few years back, people scoffed at these people creating videos from their makeshift studios at home, talking about their day along with their favorite products.
Now, you have someone like PatrickStarrr. The Filipino vlogger is not only a favorite among various beauty enthusiasts, a force on Instagram with his four million followers, but also MAC Cosmetics’ latest…err…star. He recently released his collab with MAC that features two eyeshadow quads, three lipsticks, two glosses, three lip pencils, and a loose powder. That’s a lot don’t you think?
Each makeup item follows Patrick’s makeup philosophy. The names also imbibe his fun-loving attitude, so you can feel there is a personal touch to his collection. The lipstick shades are named “She Betta Work” (a light warm pink), “MamaStarrr” (a pink cinnamon), and “Patrick Woo” (an intense blue red), which is the YouTube star’s take on the famous “Ruby Woo.” All three lipsticks have their lipglass counterparts for those who need a glossy lip.

The “Glam AF” eyeshadow quad features a warm scheme with the shades Brule, OMIGAUD, Saddle, and Embark. “Goalgetter” on the other hand has Amber Lights, Soft Brown, Swiss Chocolate, and I’m Into It.
His three lip pencils are “Brick” which is an intense golden red, “Mahogany” which is a reddish brown, and “Edge to Edge” which is a midtone dirty blue pink.
The last product in the colleciton is “Patrick’s Powder.” This loose powder is translucent, lightweight, and very finely milled. Best for you setting and baking needs.
From the collection, I like how there’s a good mix of neutrals and a pop of color here and there for special occassions. It’s universal and cuts across different markets, true to Patrick’s belief that “Makeup is a one size fits all.” It also goes hand in hand with MAC’s eternal mantra of “All Ages All Races, All Genders.”

I also love how MAC took the collab home, right here in the Philippines. Last Saturday, MAC hosted a big beauty event and flew in Patrick Starrr to teach lessons to the media and fans. With Asia’s Next Top Model winner Maureen Wroblewitz and hosted by Karylle, the event not only featured Patrick talking about his makeup secrets but also ow he deals with the haters. It’s very simple: Always remeber that minding them just causes more wrinkles!
It also marked an amazing journey for Patrick, who is based in the United States but still has all the Filipino pride. He made sure that the success he achieved was celebrated where his roots are.
I look forward to more collaborations between big brands and talents like PatrickStarrr. It shows how ar we’ve come when we talk about equality in the beauty community. Collabs like this are also about how much more we have to work on so that every single person feel beautiful in their own right. For me, this is just the start of exiciting things to come and how makeup is more than the eyes can perceive.



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