Makeup and mold: How to keep the fuzzies away

Beauty / December 23, 2021

As the weather changes and can even be erratic these days, your beauty products can be victims of mold. I don’t need to expound so much on why that’s a bad thing. Mold ruins your products instantly, but there are ways to keep it at bay.

Of course, if your products are expired, they are going to be breeding grounds for mold. Throw them out and take note of why you didn’t get to finish them before the expiry date.

For your other products, there are several practices you can observe to keep your creams, gels, serums, and powders fuzz-free.

When it comes to products in jars like face masks, moisturizers and creams, never dip your hand in. Get a reusable scoop, spatula, or brush. Some brands already offer a spatula, but it is always best to have a few on hand.

I suggest getting a big one for the masks and a smaller one for your eye cream and lip scrubs/polish, something like the GlamGlow Double Ended Treatment Application Brush. One end is bigger, while the other is for targeted treatments.

Having the right applicators isn’t enough. When it comes to your makeup tools, always wash and dry them well. Beauty sponges should be always left to air-dry, and must be stored in a breathable container. The same goes for your brushes when you give them that regular cleanse.

Get the gunk out

A good brush cleaner is always good to have on hand, too. For deep cleaning, get something like the Sigma Beauty SigMagic Brushampoo Foam Brush Cleanser. It also is good to have a textured surface so you can get all the gunk out of the sponge. If you have a lot of brushes, you can go for the 2X Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove.

Quick cleanse, no-rinse products also are necessary while you’re doing your makeup. There’s the Sephora Collection Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner.

Another hack to say goodbye to molds is to get a beauty fridge. Placing your precious creams inside a refrigerator isn’t for the cooling sensation when you use them. It also extends the life of your products without worry as the weather changes. This is advisable especially for your prized formulations.

Beauty Spy’s Mini Fridge features a portable design with a convenient handle and is lightweight. It compact enough to put on your bathroom vanity. It’s the best place for your face mist vitamin C, topical products, nail varnish, balms, preservative-free formulas, liquid makeup, and lipsticks, along with your eye cream, sheet masks, and jade roller.