New Items to Amp Up Your Skincare and Makeup Routine

Beauty / August 25, 2017

The past days have been gloomy, and while they can dampen the mood, they’re also a chance to cheer ourselves up with shiny new things—in my book, that could mean new purchases from trusted stores.


I’ve been a fan of Sisley for as long as I can remember. The French brand is known for its high-tech approach to plant-based, results-driven skincare.

Today, I’m placing my money on Sisley’s Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream. The newest addition to the Black Rose line continues the achievements of its predecessors—the cult favorite Black Rose Cream Mask and Precious Face Oil.

This new cream employs the quintessence of the Black Rose by combining its aqueous and oily extracts. It is paired with two other varieties of roses: the softening and refreshing May Rose extract, and the antioxidant-rich Alpine Rose extract that boosts luminosity. It also contains the Alkekengi calyx extract and the Padina pavonica extract, two powerful components that give the skin its plump appearance.

This blend of potent ingredients makes for a luxuriously smooth texture that makes application a dream.

NARS is one of my go-to cosmetic brands. Naturally, I’ll pick up its freshest drop, the NARS Pro Brush Collection, to go with my new cream.


Launched in Spring 2017, the new collection of eight precise makeup tools combines high art with artistry. Hand-bound in Japan, each piece is designed to deliver refined application, and build and blend any powder or liquid cosmetics with ease.

Master your favorite eye looks with the Small Brightener (a miniature, teardrop-shaped makeup brush ideal for highlighting eyes and other small areas), Small Intensifier (a dome-shaped brush ideal for targeted contouring), Flat Intensifier (flat makeup brush for focused effects) and Small Sculptor (a small, angled brush for adding dimension).

Polish your overall look with the Finisher (a large, fluffy brush ideal for buffing and blending), Brightener (a large, teardrop-shaped brush for overall blending), Intensifier (designed for creating defined cheek looks) and Sculptor (medium-sized angle brush ideal for sculpting and diffusing fluid formulae).


Treat the rest of your skin to a luxurious floral treatment, courtesy of the updated L’Occitane Verbena line. For its 2017 Spring-Summer Collection, the brand dresses its two Verbena ranges—the Classic Verbena and the Citrus Verbena—in a refreshing design that embodies the label and its star ingredient.

L’Occitane Classic Verbena

Classic Verbena line comes in a clean, green packaging speckled with green and blue leaf patterns. Pamper your skin with its light Eau de Toilette, Frappé Body Cream, Refreshing Exfoliating Sugars, Fresh Shower Gel, Fresh Body Mist and Light Hand Cream.

L’Occitane Citrus Verbena

If you’re looking for a zestier counterpart, pick up something from the Citrus Verbena line. Packaged in bright, sunshine yellow design, the bright Eau de Toilette, Invigorating Body Mist and Fresh Towelettes for the Hands and Body can perk up moods as well as take your body care up a notch.

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