Old-fashioned shaving—what women could learn from men

Beauty / June 15, 2018

Watching men get a traditional shave is fascinating for women. In this fast-paced world, following the slow and the old-school way can be relaxing and sensual. It also teaches women how to do a good wet shave at home.

A classic wet is all about self-care, good grooming habits, and also just having a bit of downtime. It takes several steps.

Step 1 : Pre-shave
Prepping the skin, as with all kinds of routines, is vital. You wet and soften your beard first. You can’t just go dive right in. Again, being slow and careful is key. Wash your face well with a good cleanser, too. You can use the Lush Kalamazoo Beard and Facial Wash. Massage the wash well on your face and cleanse well. Traditionally, you also wipe your skin with a warm face towel to open up the pores of your skin.

Step 2: Shaving cream
After cleaning your hair and skin, it’s time to add some shaving cream. It’s the eternal companion for a smooth glide and to avoid razor burn. You need to be gentle first before going in with a sharp blade, don’t you think?

Malin + Goetz Vitamin E Shaving Cream is a good option as it has amino acid for skin balance. It cools and protects your skin and doesn’t clog the razor. This is also the point where you can use a shaving brush. Not only is it a respectable sink accessory. It also helps make the process more luxurious and beneficial. Spreading and foaming your cream using a shaving brush helps stimulate and exfoliate the skin. Recommended is the Acca Kappa Design Resina Ivory Shaving Brush, made of ivory and pure silver badger hair.

Step 3: First shave

The first pass of the razor should be done with confidence. Shaky hands have no place here. So take a deep breath and enjoy.
Your shaving brush usually comes in a set, for the Acca Kappa one, you will have the one with a Gillette Mach3 Blade, which guarantees a close shave without a burn and scratches.The key here is pressure: It shouldn’t be too soft that you only comb the hair, but not too hard to cause a cut.

Step 4: Next pass
I did say this is a long process. You never get everything with just one pass of your razor blade. You have to take your time.
Don’t forget to foam up again with your shaving cream. This way your skin really gets moisturized as the blade can strip away a lot, and blades never bode well on dry skin.

Step 5: After-shave
Once you’ve cleared away all the hair. There’s still the post-process to do. Wash your face again with your facial cleanser and get into every spot.
Go back if you see a stray hair or two still hanging on with a spot of your shaving cream on hand. At this point, your skin might be a little irritated or sensitive. A cold towel is great here to use to calm the skin.

Step 6: Finish
How you finish off your traditional shave also speaks of who you are as a man. This is when you apply a balm to calm the skin and also put down that signature fragrance. The Tom Ford Noir After Shave Balm is one good pick as it’s lightly fragranced with good skincare ingredients that are a blend of bergamot and violet flower, warmed with spicy notes of black pepper oil.



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