VIDEO: Personalizing Your Home with Carla Humphries

Culture / June 06, 2018

Creating and decorating your home isn’t just about comfort. It’s also about imparting your personality through interiors and decor. It’s having an atmosphere that relaxed, welcoming, but also conveys who you are as a person. I always believe that you never truly know someone until you’ve visited the place where they live. After all, we spend so much time in our personal spaces and what we keep in our private sanctuaries are what we treasure the most, without judgement from others.

To convey that personal touch, I believe one must have three signatures in their homes, especially when entertaining.

#1 Signature drink: It can be a cocktail or a mocktail, but I think one must always be ready to serve  a drink at home that your friends will associate with you. It adds a curiosity and a reason for the to come back. But it could also just be your favorite drink when you’re just lounging around on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

#2 Signature scent: One’s home is only as good as what it smells like. Try to stay away from the usual aerosol can type and think more natural. Reed diffusers are a good option combined with your chosen essential oil. This would also come in handy during your at-home “me time.”

#3 Signature music: Are you a jazz person? How about soft pop? But, they, maybe even in heavy metal. Whatever music gets you going, have it on deck on a Spotify playlist or even invest in a vinyl player. It’s the best way to break up the silences or get a party started.

If you need more inspiration and ideas for your home, watch my house tour with Carla Humphries. In this edition of Conversations with…I remember the freedom that comes with having a space you can truly call your own. The actress says that having this home all to herself gave her the opportunity to revel in what she has at the moment and what she’s accomplished so far.




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