Protect Your Hair In This Heat

Beauty / June 15, 2017

Our prolonged summer—no wait, our eternally hot climate—is the cause of our many beauty-related woes. And in case you haven’t noticed, our hair is taking a beating in this heat, too. If you’ve been experiencing some discoloration, a few dry and brittle strands, split ends, and frizz in your mane, now’s the time to care for it more.

Hair care starts with the right shampoo. If you’ve been treating your hair with some color—particularly blonde hues fit for the summer—the Lakmē Teknia Ultra Clair Shampoo is a great toning shampoo that eliminates yellow tones from white hair and prevents the appearance of warm tones. Formulated with moisturizing natural wheat amino acids, this helps summon back the shine after a long day at the beach.

Those who skip on washing their hair every day to keep it from looking coarse and dry should try using the softening Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo. Available in two versions that address dark (brunette) and light (blonde) tones, this product contains ultra-fine, oil-absorbing rice starch that removes build-up and protects the hair through its Argan oil-infused blend.

While washing it is half the battle, the real challenge in maintaining hair is keeping it healthy even when it’s exposed to the elements. Use products that help shield your mane from the merciless heat. The Phyto Phytoplyage Protective Sun Oil is great for those with ultra-dry or damaged hair that’s in constant contact with chlorine or seawater. Enriched with rosemary and willow extracts, it is equipped with anti-dehydration screen and UV filter. It also leaves a sultry wet look.

Those with hair that easily gets greasy should grab the Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil. Turn down the oils and go for this lightweight, water-resistance UV defense mist infused with organic neroli, ylang ylang, and other plant extracts.

When you get some downtime, pamper your hair the way you’d treat your sun-scorched skin. If you don’t have time to head to your neighborhood salon, replenish with the Davines Su Hair Mask that restores sun-exposed hair through nourishing rice bran. Folks with very damaged hair, don’t worry. Rescue it with the Kérastase Résistance Masque Thérapiste, a thick repairing “bandage” mask that coats and revitalizes with peptides, amino acids, wheat protein, and plant sap.

Cover Image Credit: Into the Gloss

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