Protect Yourself from Visible Signs of Aging with this Luxe Skincare Range

Beauty / August 18, 2017

If it means getting wiser by the day, growing old is fine. But having wrinkles and tired skin aren’t.

Those days we spent working long hours in the office—back when Netflix marathons weren’t a thing—are finally catching up with us and showing in our faces. Sleep can only do so much. What options are we left with?

Some are fortunate and brave to get substances injected, or go under the knife to alter their appearances. However, those who would like to battle aging in a gentler, noninvasive manner, do so with Clarins Multi-Active products, which promise to restore a youthful glow.

If you’re keen on maintaining healthy and young-looking skin, take care of your fibroblasts. These are the cells in the connective tissue that produce collagen and other fibers. In other words, these are the gatekeepers of our youth.

Lack of sleep and stress lead to an overproduction of free radicals which attack and wear out this cell that’s responsible for the smooth, toned look of our skin. We’ll know it’s happening when we start getting fine lines, loss of radiance, and other symptoms of mature skin.

Clarins has created a line that targets the first signs of aging through new-generation capsules of the teasel extract, a powerful plant ingredient with antioxidants and revitalizing benefits. These protect fibroblasts and help promote a youthful-looking face.

Fine lines
The Multi-Active Jour utilizes these capsules to target fine lines. It also contains the myrothamnus extract, a South African plant with the capacity to survive water deprivation during dry seasons.
Best used during the daytime, this moisturizing cream with a melted texture is enriched with “radiance” pigments that immediately enhance skin’s luminosity. It comes with a fresh, subtle fragrance that makes it a joy to use.

The nourishing Multi-Active Nuit moisturizes as you sleep. It comes with ginger lily extract that helps compensate for the harmful effects of late nights and interrupted sleep. Together with the encapsulated teasel extract, this helps correct the appearance of lines by stimulating collagen synthesis.

Complement these products with the Multi-Active Treatment Essence Vitality, a refreshing essence that boosts skin vitality with the help of the acerola seed extract; and the Multi-Active Eye Revive Cream, a nongreasy antiaging treatment for the eyes.

Top off your hardworking antiaging skincare routine with the diligent use of sunscreen or BB cream, and enjoy your new young-looking skin.

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