Quick fixes for the rainy day blues

Culture / August 14, 2020

I put on my blue pantsuit from Gian Romano recently and instantly felt a bit better. There is something to be said about how we need to remember the little things that spark joy.

Putting on a nice outfit so you can condition your mind for work, even it’s at home, gets you in the mood. Looking at the clothes that you love, checking if they still fit you or if they need to be repaired, is a good way to overhaul that wardrobe.

You can also start browsing digital presentations to see what’s going to be the trend: at Jacquemus and Jill Sander, the 2021 looks are hopeful, light and breezy.

Take it a step further, and group your clothes, shoes and accessories in a way you would wear them as an outfit. Take photos of the different ensembles, and voila! You’ve got a digital library of looks. Never forget that cute bag—a last-minute accessory choice for a perfect ensemble.

To play around with your clothes, check out “Fashionopolis: The Price of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes.” A timely read, it can help you in your projections on fashion, post-new coronavirus disease. There is also “Project 333: The Minimalist Fashion Challenge that Proves Less Really Is So Much More.” It will help you shop your closet, and hopefully keep you from online retail therapy overindulgence.

On the beauty front, paying attention to your hands helps. Use that hand cream to give your hands TLC, especially since we’ve been washing them a lot and perhaps subjecting them to a lot of cleaning agents.

Try to allot some time to do your own manicure. Trick: You commit fewer mistakes if you opt for a quick-drying formula nail polish, such as the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri. There are over 30 colors, from White on Time to darker shades like Just in Wine.

For dry and flaking cuticles, apply nourishing oil to add a luxe feel to your nail care. I like the Superfood Repair Oil by Nails Inc. It has almond, argan and rosehip oils, along with vitamin A. These hydrate the skin and also make the nails stronger. You’ll see how they’ll feel and look healthier almost immediately.

If you prefer a hand cream, go for something that is quickly absorbed by the skin. A beauty editor’s secret is Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream. This formula carries Caudalie’s signature with well-chosen and effective ingredients. It has antioxidant grape polyphenols and reparative organic fair trade shea butter which take care of the dry spots.

While at home, don’t be afraid to give in to the small things that you’ve always wanted to do.