RACK RACE: Playing Dress Up with Tropa

Fashion / July 23, 2018

I’m a very keen on discovering where is the newest hotspot for fashion and trends. So when I heard of Tropa Store, I knew I had to go. Located in the always hip Legaspi Village, Makati.

I like Tropa because they carry mostly local brands that are usually available online. These are premium picks like Araw The Line, Eairth, Cosi Collective, and Pranca. The store’s aim is to team up with like-minded labels which have the same passion for style. It seems to have resonated well. A few months back they served as the venue for the launch of Carl Jan Cruz’s “GG 4 U” collection. Last year, they hosted the collection drop of the Nami x Styled By Suyen collaboration, that featured dainty hair pieces. Tropa is where you go when you want to know what all the cool kids love.

I think this why they we’re up to play “Rack Race” with us. Yes, I have a new segment where I invade different fashion and lifestyle stores to give you a peak into their picks. I chose a few things that I feel reflect a lot about the store’s ethos. They is a mix of uniqueness, practicality, quality, and, of course, the Filipino design flair. It’s true to what they claim: “Creating a fresh perspective to tropical living.”

One of the brands they carry, Eairth featured hand-dyed silk pieces that are colored using only natural ingredients like ginger, Madder root, and cocoa shells. It’s made for the easy living of surfers and swimmers and as well for city-dwellers who love comfort. So don’t be surprised if you leave Tropa without a few Eairth pieces in your bag.

For those who can’t stand synthetic fibers, you will like Araw the Line. Their everyday pieces are mostly made of linen, the perfect breathable material for warm vacations and just for life in the tropics. Their designs are classic so you can easily pair their or intergrate them in your existing wardrobe. They live by making clothes designed and made in the Philippines that showcase “minimal aesthetic paired with light premium fabrics for garments that are summery, sophisticated and highlight every day women’s natural beauty.”

A few other brands available in Tropa are also favorites like Halo Halo with their woven bags and accessories. Corner Stone Pottery Farm, which hails from Cavite, and delivers cute catchalls and bowls. They also have their on line which features bags and visors. Throw into the mix a few vintage pieces from Versace and handpoured candles from Cosi Collection.

It’s quite the mix, isn’t it? Something for the conscious shopper who loves brands which veer away from the mainstream. I won’t be shocked if you keep coming back because Tropa’s picks make for good company.


Tropa Store is located at Unit 5, 117 Aguirre St., Legaspi Village, Makati. Open from Tuesday-Saturday, 11 am- 8 pm and Sundays 11 am to 7 pm.

Photo courtesy of Tropa Store’s Instagram account

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