Scented candles can make all the difference: 3 top local picks

Culture / June 11, 2021

Candles are integral to setting the mood of your living spaces. If you’re the type who can’t commit to big changes at once, getting a candle often or having a collection for you to draw from might be the solution. 

Scent is so powerful, candles can transport you to a place or even help you define your routine the way you want it. Scented candles are also like the way you would choose your perfume. You can change it according to the time of day and to what your vibe is like. 

As the weather turns colder and the nights can be darker, candles are even more welcome. I find that the action of lighting a candle is even like a small ceremony, helping you define what your next few hours would be like. 

Recently, I’ve been loving scented candles from local brands. Top of the list is from Solenn Manila. The brand is co-created by Solenn Heaussaff.  The candles are in collaboration with All Things Bubbly. It’s a line of fine home scents created with the finest fragrances from Europe. 

Solenn Manila is available via

The throw is good and even when unlit, in a closed room, you can smell the scent. I’ve given it as a present, and I’ve also strongly recommended it to friends. 

Solenn Manila also offers a Diffuser and Room and Linen Spray to complete the experience. 

Another favorite, which has always been on the list is FAE All Naturals. These candles are lovingly handcrafted with bee’s wax. There are two scents. First is Winter’s Evening which contains pine, eucalyptus, nutmeg, and peppermint. The second is Silvergil which has almond, vanilla, amber, and pomegranate. FAE also offers soap iterations of the scents– something for those who love to make their shower time into a luxurious experience.

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My next pick for the Ilka. They have candles made with three kinds of natural wax. They blend in oils. The candles are then poured into handmade ceramic jars by a local pottery studio. Once you run out of your Ilka candle, you can send it back for a refill. Talk about sustainability. 

Ilka offers a care kit that includes a wick trimmer, candle snuffer, and a rechargeable plasma lighter. I suggest that one must take it upon themselves to get a candle care kit to get the most out of their candles. 

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