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Beauty October 19, 2018 SHARE

Fashion and beauty labels that give back

A lot would be amiss if people won’t do what they can to help make the world a better place.

Culture September 03, 2018 SHARE

How to Sleep Better without Lavender

I recently discovered that there is a corner of the internet dominated by people whispering into

Beauty July 21, 2017 SHARE

Five Hand-Care Essentials

Most of us forget that our hands need loving just as much as our face and body do. We ignore the

Beauty July 07, 2017 SHARE

Look Good with Beauty Products that Do Good

Ask my friends—I have insanely high standards when it comes to beauty. Not only should they make

Beauty June 16, 2017 SHARE

Unusual Hair Products and What They’re For

Many of you may have stumbled upon the long aisle of hair products, thinking what this much space is

Beauty September 16, 2016 SHARE

Please Ditch Exfoliants with Microbeads in Them

Don’t we all just want to feel clean? And by we, I mean not just us polluting humans of Manila,