The 3 Fashion Brands I Wish Were Here in the PH

Fashion / January 15, 2017

Are you there, God? It’s me, Ria. I know Christmas has long past—and that Santa exists as much as a unicorn does (meaning they don’t)—but I’d like to make my first wish list for the year. I’ve been nice in the past months, too, I promise.

This one’s about the brands I hope will set up shop in our shores soon.


There’s just something about well-made shoes and the term “neoluxury” that gets me excited like a kid waiting for presents. FEIT is a New York-based company that specializes in handmade products with a minimalist, refined aesthetic. Pairs are produced a few at a time so as not to put pressure on Mother Nature.

Minimal environmental impact? Check. Lustrous, genuine leather? Check. Is it in your closet yet? No? Go head here to change that.


Barcelona, Spain has given birth to a lot of beautiful things; this is one of them. Started by two females—one’s an architect, the other an interior designer—M2MAlletier puts together form and function in a way we haven’t seen before. From its iconic silhouette to its solid palette choices, the brand sure knows how to stand out well.

Nothing’s more convenient than a clutch with a gold bar for a handle, really.

A Degree Fahrenheit

The Japanese are masters of style. One of them is designer Yu Amatsu, who is behind A Degree Fahrenheit. Trust the brand to reinvent workwear like you’ve never worn it before. The structured cuts and patterns of each piece are thoughtful; nothing seems to be done in vain.

At first look, I was like, “Why would I go to the office like this?!” And then hit me, “Of course. I’d wear just this.”

If you can, which brands will you bring here?

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