The Attico presents “SUPERARTTICO”

Fashion / October 01, 2021

Among the presentations and new releases this past week at Milan Fashion Week, I find The Attico a standout.

The Attico is one of my favorite brands, and I know I am not alone. Their designs have been spotted on Beyoncé, Dua Lipa and Kourtney Kardashian.

For this season, they introduced a capsule collection called Superattico.

On Instagram, they noted, “We think of The Attico as a reaction to what happens around us. Everyone is slowly but steadily savoring back the sheer joy of going out and getting together, and dressing up. We thought it was a timely decision then to bring back our original spirit: the feeling of fascination captured in a slinky dress, the sparkle and the fluttering of feathers that seduce and amuse, the glitz and the fun. Such characters, which have been forever associated with The Attico, make a comeback.”

The collection consists of 14 pieces that embody “unabashed femininity, and a lively energy.”

Designs like the Rose, Orchid, Tulip and Poppy have feathers for fun nights. I see it on the performance stages, as more pop stars go on world tours.

Sparkly numbers are also aplenty, like Camelia, Magnolia, Allium and Carnation. For sure, these pieces will start trends as we go along. For more subdued choices, there are the Lotus, a black overall with beaded fringes and ostrich feathers, and Acacia, a white midi dress in georgette and crystals with an attached fringed belt.

Shoes come in delicious colors and sport either sparkly or feathered accents. I do feel that some pieces are also friendly to dress up your everyday jeans or even your office wear. Check out the Luz slingback in Viper and Violet and Anais mule in Hot Pink and Capri Blue.

Established in 2016, The Attico takes its name for the Italian word for “penthouse.” It is “a word that conjures visions of lavish abandon from the top floor.”


Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini are the Milan-based designers behind the brand, who love both glamour and sparkle.

Anais Hot Pink Mule

According to their website, The Attico is “a collection of collectibles: brave items to fall in love with; feats of embellishment, opulence and seduction meant to be collected in time. There is a hint nostalgia to it all: a longing for sparkling times when glamour ruled and sequins, feathers and plunging necklines were a must. Gilda and Giorgia call it modern vintage. The collection is thought for women who are strong, spirited and individual. Women who play with seduction and sophistication, who are all about living large, and enjoying it in whichever way possible.”