The best Instagrammable spots in Prague

Travel / June 14, 2024

I’m all about putting away my phone for a second and living in the moment. After all, there’s no sense in going on vacations or concerts with a screen all up on your face. However, nowadays, when we’re all about “if it wasn’t photographed, it didn’t happen,” sometimes you just have to please the fans every now and then. Though, it has to look good on my feed—I’m not going to post just for the sake of it. 

For my latest trip to Prague—which I have definitely posted a lot about—here are the best Instagrammable spots for your online crowd of 10 in the “city of a hundred spires.”

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The Clementinum

Inside the Baroque Library

The Clementinum is a former Jesuit college that took over 170 years to completely build. Inside the massive complex are numerous sights and attractions tourists and baroque enthusiasts can visit—from the Baroque Library, which has never been damaged, altered, or rebuilt throughout its existence, to the Meridian Hall which contains a sundial capable of accurately identifying the local noon.

Prague Gardens

The Vrtba Garden | Photo from

The “city of a hundred spires” is not only home to several jaw-dropping baroque and classical buildings but also numerous serene gardens to ease the weary traveler. In my case, two caught my attention: the Vrtba Garden, which is located on the Petřín Hill slope; and the Palace Gardens, a series of gardens (Ledebour, Small and Great Palffy, and Small Fürstenberg Garden) at Prague Castle.

Astronomical Tower

The Astronomical Tower | Photo from

Inside the Clementinum complex, the Astronomical Tower built in 1722 offers two main sights: a lead statue of Atlas carrying the world on his shoulders and a wonderful view of the Prague city center.

Rooftop at Coda

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Located at the music-themed Aria Hotel Prague, the Coda restaurant offers a menu by their new Executive Chef Igor Chramec. With a space designed by architects Rocco Magnoli and Lorenzo Carmellini (who have worked with Gianni Versace), meals at Coda are best partnered with a lovely view of Prague from their rooftop terrace.

Church of Lady Mary Victorious Infant Jesus of Prague

Church of Our Lady Victorious (Church of the Infant Jesus) | Photo from

This church, which was originally built in 1611, is famed for its statuette of the Infant Jesus of Prague. Inside, there’s also a small museum dedicated for several religious objects and artifacts.

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Golden Lane

The Golden Lane | Photo from Prague Castle / President of the CR

Within the Prague Castle complex, Golden Lane serves as the last remnant of medieval/renaissance life in the city. Along the famed street, houses resided by goldsmiths, and even Franz Kafka stands to this day. Historically, the houses were inhabited until the Second World War. However, residents were asked to move out to preserve the state of the street. 

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge | Photo from

Prague’s oldest bridge offers arguably the best street-level sight in the entire city. Along its stone walkway, visitors can choose from the 30 statues of saints along the bridge to take photos with. Besides that, a view overlooking the Vltava River, which you can also schedule a boat ride on.