The Best Way to Relax and Recharge, Holistically

Culture / October 23, 2018

A relaxing getaway is something that no one would be able to resist. There are many right here in the city and the beauty of being in a tropical country is how beaches and resorts are aplenty, each with a different take on what a vacation should be like. Still, it’s one thing to escape the hustle of your daily life and it’s another to truly recharge and take time to nourish your mind and your body.

I think this is what makes The Farm at San Benito one of the best ways to disconnect from the city. A 2-hour drive from Manila, The Farm is located in Batangas, offering 9-hectares of sprawling greenery. The unique accommodations are designed so you can check in as a couple or as a big family, depending on how you wish to design your vacation. During my stay, I was welcomed in the Narra Pool Villa which is spacious enough for four people or for a couple who wants to enjoy a large bathroom with walk-in closet, a terrace, and a private pool.


Health & wellness is the main thrust of The Farm and you’ll experience it in every service they offer. First is their whole food vegan cuisine at their in-house restaurant, Alive. Recently, they updated their menu which consists of yummy selections. So if you’re a meat-lover, worried that you’ll starve, I think you have to re-introduce yourself to the meaning of a vegan diet. During my stay, I was satiated with their Fresh Salad Roll with Almond Butter Sauce, Hazelnut Crushed Squash with Mushroom Bourguignon, and Raw Food Lasagne di Zucchine to name a few. To note are their salads in a jar, designed for you to enjoy while you take a walk around the resort. I tried the  Arugula and Watermelon Salad, which was a good and surprising treat. Alive also boasts of Raw Foods Pizza all’Italia. The dough is made of dehydrated buckwheat grouts, topped with mushroom, flaxseeds, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, arugula, cheese sauce, and parmesan flakes. What’s nice too is how their vegetable are sourced from The Farm so you can be assured of freshness and sustainability.


When checking in here, the thrust of taking care of your health is clear with their holistic integrative medical services. You may book an appointment with their doctors on call to do an assessment of your health via live blood analysis, medical consultation, and nutritional consultation. From there, you will be prescribed treatments that can cleanse, nourish, and repair your body. Plus you may also be guided how to create a healthier lifestyle for yourself  so even when you check out, you’ll be on the road to being at your best every day.

When it comes to their healing and spa treatments, they have four different categories which consists of various services: Medi-Spa-Acqua-Alive Journeys, Holistic Sanctuary, Healing Sanctuary Spa Services, Acqua Sanctuary Packages. All of which are guided by an approach that is going beyond skin-deep beauty. It’s about flushing out the stress and the toxins inside out. At The Farm, the relaxing is taken to a holistic level all the time and if you take care of yourself from the inside, it will manifest outside.

One service is their Aqua Lymphatic Treatment, which involves brushing, two different kinds of sauna, steam bath, floatation therapy, massage, and some time at the pressure pool. This is meant to detoxify and ease swelling to encourage regeneration of tissue and reduce reduction symptoms of chronic pain and fibromyalgia, along with providing relief from chronic fatigue, sinusitis, acne, and allergies. Another service they provide is the Purification Treatment that uses sea salt and Yin Yang movement to cleanse the body, stimulate metabolism, and to reverse cell damage.


All of this while you get to enjoy a quite place filled with lush forestry, lagoons, and different pools you are free to swim in. Animals like peacocks, geese, and ducks also freely roam the area. You are also free to avail of their daily yoga classes which are held in their open facilities, so you can star out into a beautiful view while breathing your way back to a sound mind and a relaxed body.

Whenever you feel that demands of today are getting to your system, a drive to The Farm at San Benito with a loved one or with a few friends, might just be the cure you need.


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