The best yet simplest ways to make you feel better every day

Culture / August 05, 2020

What’s important these days is to stay on a steady course. Being totally disengaged will make you lose sight of issues and harmful. On the other hand, letting yourself be overwhelmed by what’s on your news feed will be counter-productive.

There is a certain balance you must strike. I believe that’s focusing on what you can control and working actively to help yourself cope with the situation.

This is not about forcing yourself. I do think when you’re stressed or sad, one must recognize it and ride it out. But there are ways to remind yourself that this too will pass and to make the most out this time.

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#1 Keep a gratitude journal

There’s a reason these days, people are turning to classic notebooks. Start your day not with your phone in hand, but with a clean sheet to write down the little or big things you’re thankful for. They can be as passive and mundane as the pen in your hand. This practice draw on grounding yourself with your immediate surrounding instead of letting your mind run amock with thoughts.

#2 Strike up a routine…but don’t feel bad about breaking it every now and again

It’s hard to grasp at a certain sense of normalcy when the days meld into one another. A routine can make you feel a bit more in control and will also keep you productive.

A routine doesn’t have to be strictly followed by the hour. For me, it’s about listing down certain things you’d like to do and ticking them off as you go. Today, exercise in the morning. Tomorrow, do it in the afternoon or whenever you feel like it. I make it a point to go swimming with my kids to wash away the day. These constants will help you see progress without pressure.

#3 Stretch

If you’re not dedicated to a full workout routine or have never really been the fitness type, it’s still important to stretch. Do it when you wake up and you can even do it again in the middle of the day. This helps your body not just physically but mentally as well.

#4 Get some sun

Don’t forget that when the weather allows it to get some sun. At least 30 minutes of sun exposure is ideal. This helps you feel better because you’re helping in regulating your Circadian rhythm. It helps your mind recognize when it’s time to sleep and when it’s time to go to bed.

#5 Get primped up

Resist the urge to stay in your PJs the whole day. Change into comfortable but Zoom ready tops at the very least. Play around with a hairstyle that you’ve wanted to try, put on some makeup, and psyche yourself with the little joys in making yourself look presentable.