The Colored Primers You Need to Start Wearing Now

Beauty / September 08, 2016

Yes, you read that right—colored primers. No offense to transparent bases, but the way of the cosmetic future points to a time where we’re parading pastels on our faces.

If elementary art classes taught me anything, it’s that complementary colors on the color wheel cancel out each other. (Nah, just kidding, I thank Google for this amazing insight I’m now sharing.) Beauty experts are my new art teachers, and brands have picked up on the science—and craft—of it all.

Smashbox, for example, has applied a few color-correcting hues (i.e. peach, yellow, green, and violet) in their Photo Finish Foundation Primer line. What they ought to do is blur out your imperfections based on their color. Your rosacea is acting up? Get the green. Purple veins are making a comeback? Snatch the yellow. It’s 2016, there’s almost always an answer to everything!

Now navigate the beauty store with me. Japanese brand Koh Gen Do has a limited line, stocking only up to three colors. But its botanical ingredients and creamy formula that’s said to specifically address the demands of the HD camera make up for its lack of diversity. In other words: Perfect selfies, here we come.

The Clinique Superprimer Colour Corrector is your type of rainbow. Each shade caters to a certain blemish you wish was gone. Silicone-based, these little guys apply easily and velvety on skin like lotions for your face.

MAC steps up their game with their Prep+Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer line. Each tube does multiple duties as color-corrector, moisturizer, face primer, and UV protector. Make Up For Ever also has a generous range of different-colored Radiant Primer Glow Bases that not only evens out color, but is also formulated to fit your skin type.

My wise words for the day: If you really want to ace a beauty look, start by getting your base right.

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