The Fall Bags that Matter (To Me, At Least)

Fashion / November 17, 2016

Sometimes, I wish we had fall. A breezy, golden break from the sunny days we usually get, thanks to our country’s perpetual summer. Now here’s what’s great about fashion: Even if autumn’s impossible, the trends that go with it reach us despite the distance. For one, I’ve been enjoying what Hermès has in store for us.

Early this year at the Paris Fashion Week, Hermès teased a line of clean, structured bags I already knew I’d want later. This season marked the debut of the Baton de Craie Bag, a minimalist and polished take on leather crossbodies and pochettes (the French equivalent of a purse, literally meaning “little pocket”). Each one’s adorned with a palladium-plated silver clasp that cuts through the solid colors (or in some, sleek crocodile skin); every piece is made from hunter cowhide, a throwback to an older 1920s Hermès design.



Old favorites have come, too. Their Constance bag also makes a comeback this season, this time in a new, checkered look. Bold, slim lines deck everyone and their mother’s trusty classic, giving it a nice, updated look from its usual two-toned or plain appearance.


These two—among their many others—just remind me every time why I love Hermès. Every piece is season-appropriate and yet everything stays timeless. I can already imagine the Baton de Craie bag as my go-to, everyday bag given my obsession over portable and stylish crossbodies. The Constance, while not the Kelly, stays as classic as it can be—only this time, it’s more sophisticated if that was even possible.

Now December will be in full-throttle, what bags are you eyeing to get this season? How about the ones you’re flaunting to future dinners? Let me know.

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