The keys to a good night’s sleep

Culture / January 27, 2022

Nothing refreshes, recharges, and revitalizes us like a good night’s sleep. As we all know, however, that’s hard to catch these days. 

It’s vital to create a routine and environment that makes you feel safe, comfortable and helps channel your mind to the zzz’s. It starts with a good air purifier for me. As allergens and other irritants can accumulate in the day, sneezing to bed at night isn’t ideal. 

I found that the UV Kleene UVK-A01 Air Purifier makes your room a place where you can truly breathe. It has a seven-stage air purification process. This includes Pre Filter which captures large particles, dust, lint, hair, HEPA13 Filter that asses up 0.05% of 0.1-micron particles per liter of air, the  Carbon Filter that removes gases, chemicals, VOC’s and odors, the Cold Catalyst that Absorb and decomposes formaldehyde and tiny dust particles. After there is the Photocatalyst, which cleans the air of benzene, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, and other polluting gases. 

Finally, there is the UVC Lamp that neutralizes micro-organisms, germs, bacteria, and viruses, and the anion Filter that energizes the air with health-beneficial negative ions. 

You’ll find that the nightly bouts of sneezes won’t find you anymore, facilitating more normalized breathing. 

The next thing you should do is to prepare your body. A warm bath or a long shower always helps, especially if you learn how to cap it off with the Lush Sleepy Lotion. This product was the range just a few seasons ago and still continues to be a favorite. The sensation it gives as you soothes the mind and the skin. It is made of a gentle oatmeal infusion, lavender flower and sweet tonka absolute. This is then combined with a rich, malty, and floral perfume while the organic cocoa butter and lavender water cool the skin. 

Now that you’ve lotioned up and jumped into your PJs, make your bed a sanctuary. This is why I love Sealy. A Sealy Posturepedic Mattress is made with orthopedic support, absolute conformance, and unparalleled comfort. This is done through their twice-tempered PostureTech® Titanium Coils (Ti™) – a revolutionary patented technology that provides proper spinal support and long-lasting comfort along with other features like breathable smart fabrics that combine a highly effective moisture management technology with an innovative antibacterial finish based on silver ions. This means the bed stays cool, fresh, and dry. It’s why Sealy is the mattress for the world’s best hotels. 

On top of your bed, I find that weighted blankets also help you get the right sleep. Sunday Citizen Super Soft Weighted Blanket takes it to the next level. “Instead of the usual glass pearls, this one’s filled with thousands of tiny crystals—amethyst to relieve stress and lend a little extra calm, plus clear quartz for its all-around natural healing perks.” 

Another element to getting good sleep is to make your room as dark as possible. Lack of light helps signal to your brain how it’s time to sleep, helping it produce the necessary hormones to make you sleep. Avoiding the light might be hard especially in the city and with the temptation of your table and phone. I then advise you to get something like the Slip Silk Eye Mask. It’s made of pure mulberry silk so there’s less skin friction to help prevent wrinkles and counteract eye puffiness. The elasticated band keeps your hair free from creases and doesn’t press on your temples. 

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