The new beauty tricks we’re bringing in 2021

Beauty / January 08, 2021

A good beginning happens when you take what you’ve learned from the past in your immediate situation. This is why I’m writing down what the previous year gave us: An approach to beauty that’s rooted in putting reliable products and routines that make us feel better at home.

I remember how a lot of us realized how valuable salons are for the effortless look. It was especially true for those who colored their hair regularly and didn’t trust the box. I found that you have to resist the urge to ruin your hair and just do what you can to keep it healthy. Purple shampoo came in handy to maintain color. So did a few hair masks that were all about keeping the hair moisturized. That’s important because some of us may still be (unwillingly) growing our hair out.

There are several purple hair colors out there to keep brassiness at bay. One is the R+Co Sunset Blvd Daily Blonde Shampoo. You can use this daily with its mild formula and gives you nourishment through a blend of juniper berries, blood orange, rhubarb, leather accord, violet, and dark woods.

When it comes to a hair mask, there’s the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Mask. You just need to use this one to two times a week, leaving it on for five minutes. On Cult Beauty, the product is described as a mask that helps everyone’s hair from “fine-to-normal, limp or lacklustre.”

Beauty masks for the face were also a big thing. I think it’s also what helped a lot of us keep maskne at bay. It also helped us set-up calming evening routines for the days when it was all too overwhelming. There’s always the classic mud masks. Given the time we have at home, I left them more than the usual 10 to 15 minutes, and I do believe my skin was better for it. Caution: Not all masks are meant to be left on your skin for prolonged periods of time. Always read the instructions and precautions.

Something like the Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask is something that you’ll find that could go on the skin for the whole morning. After I wash it off, I find the skin looks and feels smoother. Helps for the Zoom calls sans makeup!

Masks also turned it up with lights. Since we couldn’t and still are advised to go to the derma with the utmost caution, we brought some of the devices home. There is the Soie Skin LED Glow Mask. With this you can choose between three different light settings to address your skin needs. There’s blue that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, reduces inflammation, shrink pores, skin tightening, rejuvenates the skin and helps increase blood circulation. There’s red that’s anti-bacterial and can help clarify blemish-prone skin. The amber light brightens your skin and stimulates lymphatic drainage.

When it comes to makeup, pink tones and pink colored products dominated especially for the cheeks and lips. This is because a pink shade looks good on that video call. All you needed was some concealer or a good foundation, to give you that healthy, “I always look like this” face.

If you’re still on the hunt, there is the Natasha Denona Love Glow Cheek Palette. The four different shades allow you to have different shades depending on your mood and skin tone. You can even use the shades in combination to create your custom color.

For lips, try a hydrating formulation when just at home such as the Koh Gen Do Maifashi in Apricot Pink. Some people still dared for a matte, transfer-proof lipstick under their masks. You can get the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick for this.

You also need a good lip mask for that naturally pink lips. There’s the Flashpatch Hydrating Lip Gels by Patchology. Something to make your routine updated and ready for 2021 and the years ahead.

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