The only style guide you need this spring/summer 2020

Fashion / February 02, 2020

When it comes to inspiration for outfits this season, there are a few brands that I rely on. If you know me or at least have been following my column for a while now, you would know that I like keeping things clean and simple. Afterward, I like to put a spin on it with an unexpected shoe or an exciting accessory. 

But even my approach to classic isn’t of the usual standards. I like interesting cuts to basics. This is why I’m a big fan of The Row. They’re approach to minimalist, well-tailored pieces are always fresh. They play up jackets with zipper details for that athleisure vibe. To me, The Row always reminds me of the ease and sophistication of a white shirt: You can put a cream blazer over it for a daytime meeting. When traveling, it looks good underneath a long black coat. In their spring 2020 collection, they dotted their predominantly white and black collection with lavender and pastel blue that I find a good way to play up your workwear.

The Row

My next peg for the season is Bottega Veneta. I love how Daniel Lee shows off his artistry, talent, and experience. Here’s a designer who doesn’t give in to the celebrity aspect of his job. It’s all about what he’s putting out on the runway. And I feel that hasn’t changed despite the positive reception of Bottega Veneta. 

What one should take from this brand is the play with textures. When putting together an outfit, think about texture too aside from color. This way, you will add dimension to the look. Start with the woven leather pieces, the signature of the house. Or maybe, you’re into a how Lee adapted the length of basketball shorts for his semi-formal ensembles. It looks classic but you can feel how on-trend it is when you’re wearing it. 


When it comes to punchy pieces, I like Tibi’s take. They always manage to be both very girly and edgy at the same time. If you’re having difficulty integrating your current style with what’s on-trend, borrow from their runway looks: choose on the interesting piece to focus on. It can be a pair of pants in neon green or tie-dye skirt. Make everything else compliment that piece so the looks is harmonious. 


Now I want to go over some of the on-trend pieces this season. Firs is polka-dots, thanks to Martin Margiela. It’s nostalgic but also comes in various color schemes that you’ll surely find one that suits your current mood. 

Bottega Veneta

You also need to be aware of how we’re borrowing a lot from the ‘70s. Victoria Beckham’s new collection injected a few details of the disco days with huge lapels and ruffles on dresses that you’re meant to dance in. If you got archive pieces from the time, now is the time to bust them out.