The perfect rainy day fashion item: PVC

Fashion / August 09, 2019

PVC as a trend in the past few seasons seems like it’s here to stay as a staple. 

At first, the fascination over PVC or vinyl was all about that ‘90s nostalgia. The adults can have their leather bags while a vinyl bag was about the free, no-fuss vibe. For kids, it was appropriate because vinyl was practical: waterproof, scratchproof, and durable. 

Before the ‘90s, vinyl fashion was considered rebellious and futuristic.

These days, we realized that even as grown-ups, we’re still kids at heart. We are also perhaps in that futuristic time designers foresaw. We can see each other through the phone, we’ve landed rovers on asteroids, and we’re wearing plastic, not as a novelty but just an everyday accessory. 

It’s not hard to wear PVC. You can easily use it as a neutral piece. The Cult Gaia Jila Sandal in Clear is easy to wear with any existing outfit in your wardrobe with its brown sole and clear straps. Yet, it looks unique with the round heels. 

I noticed PVC is also an efficient choice for a bag. Security doesn’t have to bug you to open your bag with choices like the Shirley croc-effect leather and PVC tote from Staud Clothing. With this type of bag, you always have to be smart with what you bring. No need to overpack. 

There are days when you need a little bit more room though. This is true when you running errands and you just need to chuck everything in your bag without rhyme or reason. With a clear PVC bag like the Prada Canvas-trimmed PVC tote. This bag also allows you to just easily locate your stuff without digging through it and taking everything out. 

If you’re not yet fully into the vinyl, maybe the Alexander Wang sneakers would convince you. They fall right into the chunky sneaker trend with leather and suede covered in PVc for hat futuristic feel. Also, a good option if you just seem to keep your sneakers clean.   

On the the other hand, you can just fully embrace the futuristic feel of vinyl. For the rainy season, it would be fun to wear the Maison Margiela Double-breasted PVC trench coat. One could also opt for the Nicolas Kirkwood Void PVC ankle boots. Just wear them with cute socks. 

In whatever iteration of PVC fashion is, remember it’s meant to have fun with.

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