The right way to care for your skin, at every age

Beauty / August 31, 2018

As we get older, our skin changes and becomes more vulnerable to damage.

What I was doing in my 20s is different from the skincare routine I have now. It just gets a bit confusing as to which concerns to prioritize, what treatments are necessary and what to avoid, because the beauty aisles are always filled with new products.

In your 20s, it’s all about prevention—for instance, avoiding sun damage. Putting sunscreen should be the most important part of your daily routine. The effect of the sun’s rays builds up every year and can also take years to reverse. So start early.

My go-to sunscreens for the face are from Biore, as they aren’t sticky and have a high SPF 50+/ PA++++.

In your 20s, it’s also best to just stick to a good cleansing and moisturizing routine. Master the basics and you can quickly avoid issues down the line.

Also, don’t forget to start building a relationship with a dermatologist you can trust, someone who’ll be able to trace your skin’s history and spot concerns even before they start.

In your 30s, I think it’s all about exfoliation. It’s proven that your skin’s ability to replace old cells slows down.

If you want deep exfoliation regularly, I suggest investing in a Foreo LUNA Mina 2. It has a T-Sonic face brush with eight adjustable intensities along with three-zone face brush that suits all skin types.

It’s also because of slow cell turnover that buildup inside your pores becomes more common, and the lines around your eyes deepen.

Many resort to Botox to erase facial wrinkles and lines. Peeling treatments, provided that they are derma-approved, are also ideal to get rid of dark spots.

I suggest you load up on products with brightening vitamin C, such as the Clinique Fresh Pressed 7-Day System with Pure Vitamin C. Add on something like the Sisley Global Perfect Serum to help minimize pores.

in your 40s, retinoid is a good best friend to have on your counter, because it helps deal with the effects of gravity. You may consider dermal fillers for your lips and under the eyes.

I also know that getting professional facials as often as you can is a must. Currently, I’m a fan of The Hollywood Facial at The Aivee Clinic.

Ceramides are important. They form a barrier to protect your skin and help it retain its natural moisture and avoid dry skin and prevent wrinkles.

You can try Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules. Aside from the ceramide, it also has omega-rich Tsubuki Oil that will enhance your skin’s moisture.

In your 50s, hormonal changes start affecting your skin. You have to pick up a few products that help reinforce your skin’s elasticity and help reverse dullness.

At this age, you may want to consider hyaluronic fillers to plump your skin and double up your collagen production. You can look into procedures that lift the cheekbones, and lasers that can help in fat melting and skin tightening.

Products infused with collagen and hyaluronic acid are important, especially if you’re option for solutions that can be placed on your vanity.

There are serums like the Dr. Dennis Gross C+ Collagen Brighten & Firm Vitamin C Serum which helps illuminate the skin and make it look healthy, along with the La Mer The Revitalizing Hydrating Serum which uses an algae blend for your skin’s moisture needs.

There is also the Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream. It has two kinds of hyaluronic acid, papaya enzymes and alpha-arbutin to smoothen the skin, reduce hyperpigmentation and fade darks spots.

In your 60s, keep using the routine you’ve been going through. But you can look further into dermatologists’ solutions to neck and skin sagging.

It’s also advisable to have products that address skin sensitivity. You can increase your use of argan oil, which helps soften the skin, keeps your skin’s moisture levels at a maximum, and also aids against inflammation.

Something like the Argentum Apothercary L’Etoile Infinie may be a good addition to your routine, as it has kukui nut oil and vitamin E for your complexion.


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