The secret on how to travel in style and with ease

Fashion / September 21, 2019

As I write this, I’m planning out the last few months of the year and is it just me? Or is it all about travel even before that big Christmas vacation. 

In October, I’ll be heading out once again and a few business trips are also lined up after that. There’s a chance that not all will push through but nevertheless, some are just a matter of scheduling. In December, there’s a family trip calendared in.

This is why I’m investing in a few key travel items. Some things may change depending on what type of traveler you are. You can also switch between brands and styles to improve on your last experience. Still, I think there are just a few travel necessities that unite us all. 

Moisturizer comes top of mind when I think of what every traveler needs. It’s a relatively small item but it can help you in the best way. 

When choosing what moisturizer to bring, I always say pack the one that you already use at home. Just buy a fresh bottle if you’re running low and unsure if it will last your whole trip. It’s not wise to experiment on a new moisturizer while away since you might get an undesirable reaction without your usual remedies by your side. 

Consider bringing two moisturizers also. One in your luggage for your skincare routine and a small one to have in the plane. For this one, consider something with a very basic formula that’s multi-purpose to remedy chapped lips, bites, and other issues that can arise during a long-haul flight. 

Next on your list should be sunblock. Traveling or not, sunblock is another thing that should be in your daily routine and regardless of the weather. Sunblock protects your skin from the damaging effects of UV rays that are still present even on gloomy days. 

But especially when you’re abroad, bring a bottle or two with you. When you’re busy, you will most likely forget it and might not even have time to run to the nearest drugstore to buy one. The same goes for when you’re on break and preoccupied with having fun. 

I’m such a sunblock fan that I also tend to hoard it when I’m overseas, especially in sun-loving Australia. (Watch my video on for that haul!) 

Most important of all, invest in your carry-on and luggage. Have something that is durable, reliable, and hardworking. If you’re not convinced in making a big purchase, listen to Chris Pratt. The actor is Tumi’s ambassador for their latest campaign and I think he perfectly describes what you need. 

“When traveling, it is important to have something that roots me and makes me feel at home. I live out of my TUMI – it allows me to effortlessly move through my journey, and makes me feel at home wherever I go.”

For luggage that can endure long-haul flights and the wear and tear of baggage transfers, the 19 Degree Aluminum has a frame case design, snap closures, and die-cast corner caps for additional protection. This season it comes in a limited edition “Banyon Leaf” color so you can spot it easily at the carousel. 

If you want something more lightweight there is the TUMI V4 and the Latitude collection. They are supremely durable, remarkably lightweight, and expandable to serve all your needs.

For men, Tumi has the special Alpha 3 collection especially if you love to have a matching luggage and carry-on set. It also helps you travel light with features like leather rain flaps and gusseted front pockets on bags and molded impact-resistant side panels and USB power ports on carry-on luggage. 

For women, I would suggest looking into Tumi’s Georgica collection. The line has different bags for every trip and to accommodate what you’re bringing with you. There’s the Lily

Tote, available in small and large, and the Darby Boat Tote, which is big enough to use as an overnight bag. You can also get the Marina Backpack, if you wanna be hands-free and the Gracie Crossbody for easy access to your passport and boarding pass. 

As for the rest of what you need when on a trip, it’s always an individual matter which varies across different personalities. Just as long as you have the necessities, you’re ready to go wherever!