The simplest ways you can cleanse and charge your beauty crystal

Beauty / July 01, 2020

by Olivia Estrada – Contributor

Is a gua sha or a jade roller just but another beauty device? Some would say it’s not. A beauty crystal improves your skin routine through its metaphysical qualities.

How do you optimize the metaphysical qualities? Cleanse them! I asked Kimberly Aganda, proprietor of Made by KCA how to do it.

1) Wash your crystal under running water or rainwater for at least 15 minutes. As you do this, give happy thoughts and good intentions to your crystal. Think: “This will be the tool that will make me look younger, erase my wrinkles, and give me a clear complexion.”

2) Leave them under the sunlight between 6 am to 8 am, for an hour or two. This is applicable to most crystal tools, except for those made of rose quartz as they can lighten under the sun.

3) Leave them under the moonlight, making sure you wake up early enough to take them inside before the sun comes out. You don’t have to wait for the full moon to do this, but it is said the full moon is more powerful.

4) Light some incense and pass the crystal through it until you every part of it is touched by the smoke. Some opt to do it with a sage bundle.

5) Put it beside a Himalayan salt lamp overnight.